Masked! AKA “The One Wherein I Lose Any Street Cred I Ever Had”

I was talking to Ashley a few weeks ago, and we got onto the topic of birthdays and of parties and, in natural progression… of costumes. Somehow the topic came up with Stephany too – and this post has been a few weeks coming. In all my years of sharing apartments with flatmates, the one good thing (and there really weren’t very many) was that we were always up for having all our friends over to celebrate, whether for birthdays, Hallowe’en, Comic Con or just the fact that pirates are awesome – we always found an excuse to don our best costumes, and I’d spend weeks putting them together.  Maybe it’s part of growing up, maybe it’s shifting social circles, or maybe it’s just getting old – but I haven’t found an excuse to dress up lately, which makes me rather a sad panda. I still want to break out Poison Ivy or Silk Spectre!  But the talk got me thinking, and I thought I’d share pics some of my favourites with you. A little while ago, I wrote a post called Unmasked.  I thought it was only fair to bring you the other side: Masked!

April 2007: Snowbird, from Marvel’s Alpha Flight.
This was for a Heroes vs. Villains party.
And no, I definitely can no longer fit into that silver spandex.

Comic Con 2007: Edward Scissorhands.
This was TONNES of fun, except for the fact that leather trousers + heavy wig
and makeup = A MILLION DEGREES!! I have no idea who the Star Trek guy is,
but random trekkies = pictures.

Hallowe’en 2008: Blonde Wench vs. Brunette Wench!

Christmas costume competition at work, 2009: Ebenezer Scrooge.
Well I wasn’t going as a bloody elf!

Comic Con 2008: World of Warcraft Night Elf. Yes, I was purple.
I had to sew myself into this one and I couldn’t sit down all day.
But it was probably my favourite costume ever.

And always, always, a costume for ’80s parties. And apparently a dance move.

It’s funny how throughout those years, I was terrified of being in front of people as myself, yet I loved going out in costume. I suppose it was like a disguise… I wasn’t comfortable with who I was, and people loved the person I was pretending to be.  This year… has been my journey of self-discovery. I don’t need a mask anymore… but that doesn’t mean I don’t still love to indulge in nerding out. 🙂 This year, I’m going back to a Con, or a Hallowe’en party, and I’m making the best costume yet. And owning it – not confident just in my sewing abilities… but in myself, too. And (not that he knows it yet) Sweet is dressing up with me! Now comes the hard part: what to make! (Note: 5 months may seem like plenty of time, but I kind of killed my last two sewing machines. Either we don’t get along, or my hands are covered in sewing machine repellent. So this, as with previous costumes, is going to be done by HAND. Carpal tunnel anyone?)

Thoughts? 🙂


    1. It was a costume contest at work!! We had the “twelve days of Christmas” and we teamed up to all do something special on one day in December, my group made little Christmas gift boxes for everyone and sent papers around saying “What I love about……(insert person’s name)” which was kind of sweet, and another group held the costume contest – a bunch of us dressed up as “A Christmas Carol” characters 🙂

  1. You look great in all of them -not many people can pull so many looks off! I don’t dress up.. it makes me nervous. The most ‘fancy’ I’ve ever dressed was for a 1920’s flapper night out. 🙂

  2. Those costumes are AMAZING! You look fantastic in all of them.

    I love dressing up for Halloween and basically any chance I can get – I took dance classes basically my whole life, and one of my favorite parts was when we’d get our costumes each year.

  3. you are so LITTLE as if you can’t get back into the spandex lol!!! way to go tho, they’re all amazing especially the world of warcraft one!!! definitely think you should do silk specter this year it’ll be awesome.

    1. LOL no I think I threw it away because I got sad that it didn’t fit any more. Not that I would’ve WORN it… but just in principle 🙂 I think I may just do a Watchmen costume!

    1. I did! The Edward Scissorhands one I found leather trousers (!) at a charity shop and I did buy the belt too, and I had a friend help me with the shoulders for the Night Elf costume, but other than that it’s all sewing and glue guns 🙂

  4. YOU ARE AMAZING!! 🙂 (And so is Edward Scissorhands!!)

    Now come to Chicago and make me a Jem costume. …you KNOW from Jem and the Holograms?!?!

    LOVE you and the journey you’re on!!! xoxo

  5. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    These are AHHHH Mazing.

    I especially love the Night Elf…I’m partial to Night Elves (I was always played one, usually a Mage…God, I miss WoW)

  6. your costumes are effing awesome!! I’m sooo jealous that you can sew like that. It’s funny because you say that you weren’t comfortable in your own skin and loved being in costume. I however am comfortable in my skin, but feel SUPER ridiculous in costumes! I thought that was kind of normal, now I want to see how to change that and what that dumb feeling as about. Thank you for sharing! You look fabulous dressed up!

  7. All of those costumes are amazing… even more so if you made them all yourself! My mom used to make all of my costumes herself when I was younger, and I really would love to learn to sew and be that creative! 🙂 I also love how the costumes represent the journey you’re on. I’m not sure why, but somewhere along the lines of growing up, I lost interest in dressing up! I haven’t in many years!

  8. I made a chainmail suit out of CDs before. I called myself “bright and shiny”

    My favorite was still when my best friend & I teamed up. We found an old white shirt, and cut the opposite side of the others. We grabbed a sharpie and made stitch marks in the opening on our skin. We were known as the former conjoined twins.

  9. This is pure insanity! Your costumes are ridiculous! They are so amazing. I mean, I got most of my costumes from the costume aisle in Target or Wal-Mart but it was never at the level of yours. You are talented, can you make a costume for me this year? Haha.

  10. LOL!! I’m so glad you got to see before your time off 🙂 And that you LIKED them!! I would LOVE to make your costume this year. I wish we lived in the same city – we’d spend whole weekends making costumes!! What are you going as this year? 🙂

  11. Wow, you really go all out! I can never pull it together in time with costumes, and always end up disappointed. My particular brand of creativity doesn’t lend itself to costume design/creation/wearing. Yours clearly does though! Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

  12. Wow, I’m impressed you totally got into the costumes!! The only time I really did was when I was an iPod advetisement with a hot pink poster board on my back and I was dressed in all black and painted my arms/hands and face black too.

  13. This is awesome! My favorite is the top one. I don’t think I would have ever looked good in silver spandex… YOU GO GIRL! I think I love you a little bit more now. You are the friend I want at all my parties. Wonderful pictures!!

  14. Best post ever? If that award exists you now have it under your belt miss. I loveeee all the pictures, you knocked these costumes out the park. Each one is so goon. My personal favorites are def. Scrooge and Edward.


    Hannah Katy

  15. When you say “coming” does that mean you’re going too?? When is it? This year… probably not 😦 We’re spending a small fortune on the wedding and the trip to see my dear nan in the summer. I may have to settle for the Winnipeg Comic Con this year and join you next one!

    1. haha, I’ve never gone. But I would. Problem is, those tickets sell out so fast! However, if you come to the San Diego one someday, you can visit me!! 🙂 Unless I’m in Turkey. haha.

  16. HOLY COW!!! Those are some incredible costumes…did you make them all yourself? My favorite is definitely the Edward Scissorhands one. 🙂

  17. Thanks!! 🙂 Yep I love making costumes… I had a bit of help from a friend for the Night Elf with the shoulders and David had to help sew me in haha so it truly was a one-time costume! Scissorhands was REALLY WARM, but fun 🙂

  18. Wowsers. I am uber impressed! I am a bit of a party pooper when it comes to dressing up. I can’t think of a single costume that’s been all that fabulous. And I haven’t gone to an adult costume party since college. The last costume party I remember wearing as an adutl was when I went to a college Halloween Party as a member of the swim team. I work my swimmer style speedo one piece swim suit w/ track suit pants. How lame is that? I was too lazy to buy or make a costume so I looked through my closet until I found somethign I could make into a costume… Looking back, it was sort of balsy to wear a swimsuit to a party, even though I had track pants on…

  19. You’d showed me the Edward Scissorhands and Night Elf costumes before, but the extent of your costumed geekiness seems to know no bounds! I’d love to be brave enough and content enough with my body to wear spandex a la Snowbird.

    I’ll be blogging my Dragon*Con costumes once I get them done.

    And Hub is trying to convince me to do a Black Widow costume at some point.

  20. “the extent of your costumed geekiness seems to know no bounds!” = BEST COMPLIMENT EVER. I actually laughed out loud 😀 I can’t WAIT to see your costumes!!!

  21. Wow, speechless! Creative to the max, freakin’ wizard with a sewing machine, just wowzers. In case you hadn’t guessed I’m mega impressed with your costume making prowess!!! Can I hire you? 😀

    Snowbird is very awesome, you literally look like you’ve popped out of a comic book. Love the 80’s poses. Very trooper to sweat it out and be Edward.
    And I’m bowing down to the Night Elf costume because being an ex-WOW nerd you totally rocked that one and I love the ‘?’ (‘can I pick up a quest from you?’) and the very tier looking shoulders haha 😀 I would love to be a blood elf mage at some point, but my costume making skills are rather lackluster, though I did have a sewing machine when I was 8 (a fake my little pony one with the needle coming down through its mouth) and I made some awesome waistcoats for my teddy bears 😀

    No one liked dressing up in my shared house, the spoilsports, I even suggested simple things like a toga night or Moulin Rouge but it was all too much effort 😦 I would love an excuse to dress up :< Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

    1. I’ve never been able to operate a sewing machine successfully – it’s usually just trial and error and lots of sewing by hand! I would LOVE to see you do a blood elf costume!! I’ve seen some awesome pics from BlizzCon and some people go ALL OUT, it’s pretty incredible. That’s so sad about Moulin Rouge not taking off, that would’ve been so much fun!!

  22. you are too cute!! I LOVE all your costumes. You really seem to go all out! I definitely prefer you as a brunette though and Edward Scissorhands is the BEST costume! That or the elf. I’m jealous of your abs 😛

  23. wowza. you are so talented at costumes! i totally suck at them, but that’s okay. and yes, i LOVE the night elf. it’s pretty spectacular.

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