Masked! AKA “The One Wherein I Lose Any Street Cred I Ever Had”

I was talking to Ashley a few weeks ago, and we got onto the topic of birthdays and of parties and, in natural progression… of costumes. Somehow the topic came up with Stephany too – and this post has been a few weeks coming. In all my years of sharing apartments with flatmates, the one good thing (and there really weren’t very many) was that we were always up for having all our friends over to celebrate, whether for birthdays, Hallowe’en, Comic Con or just the fact that pirates are awesome – we always found an excuse to don our best costumes, and I’d spend weeks putting them together.  Maybe it’s part of growing up, maybe it’s shifting social circles, or maybe it’s just getting old – but I haven’t found an excuse to dress up lately, which makes me rather a sad panda. I still want to break out Poison Ivy or Silk Spectre!  But the talk got me thinking, and I thought I’d share pics some of my favourites with you. A little while ago, I wrote a post called Unmasked.  I thought it was only fair to bring you the other side: Masked!

April 2007: Snowbird, from Marvel’s Alpha Flight.
This was for a Heroes vs. Villains party.
And no, I definitely can no longer fit into that silver spandex.

Comic Con 2007: Edward Scissorhands.
This was TONNES of fun, except for the fact that leather trousers + heavy wig
and makeup = A MILLION DEGREES!! I have no idea who the Star Trek guy is,
but random trekkies = pictures.

Hallowe’en 2008: Blonde Wench vs. Brunette Wench!

Christmas costume competition at work, 2009: Ebenezer Scrooge.
Well I wasn’t going as a bloody elf!

Comic Con 2008: World of Warcraft Night Elf. Yes, I was purple.
I had to sew myself into this one and I couldn’t sit down all day.
But it was probably my favourite costume ever.

And always, always, a costume for ’80s parties. And apparently a dance move.

It’s funny how throughout those years, I was terrified of being in front of people as myself, yet I loved going out in costume. I suppose it was like a disguise… I wasn’t comfortable with who I was, and people loved the person I was pretending to be.  This year… has been my journey of self-discovery. I don’t need a mask anymore… but that doesn’t mean I don’t still love to indulge in nerding out. 🙂 This year, I’m going back to a Con, or a Hallowe’en party, and I’m making the best costume yet. And owning it – not confident just in my sewing abilities… but in myself, too. And (not that he knows it yet) Sweet is dressing up with me! Now comes the hard part: what to make! (Note: 5 months may seem like plenty of time, but I kind of killed my last two sewing machines. Either we don’t get along, or my hands are covered in sewing machine repellent. So this, as with previous costumes, is going to be done by HAND. Carpal tunnel anyone?)

Thoughts? 🙂