Get Your Freak On Friday

I decided to stick with this (somewhat) ongoing feature – if I’m going to write about something regularly, it may as well be about something I absolutely love. Even if it does mean tumbleweeds!! I hope some of you like the tunes. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you haven’t read before, Get Your Freak On Friday is about music, about “what makes you tap your toes, bob your head, wiggle your fingers, cry like an infant, dance like an orangutan, or want to throw things. You list a song you love and what you do because of it.”

Hereโ€™s how it works:
1. Paste the button into your post, linking back to Tristan.
2. Write about aforementioned song. Any one you like.
3. Post the link to your post on Tristanโ€™s postโ€™s Mr. Linky.

This week I bring you a track that’s infectiously catchy, overtly quirky, and impossible to sing along to. It’s from an American bloke called Darwin Deez, who just so happens to be going on tour with two of my other current favourites – last GYFOF’s Hurts (which I’m so glad you guys loved!) and the genre-defying Everything Everything. It’s a first-listen favourite, refreshingly different, and the video’s packed full of random hilarity, mad science and singer who rocks the Napoleon Dynamite look a little too well.ย  Crank this one up and try not to break into dance. Or smiles. Or both. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Happy weekend! And to my fellow Brits – Happy St. George’s Day!!


  1. OMG.
    That song was so cute and so catchy, but I couldn’t handle the video! It was ridiculous.

    Have you ever seen (Look At That Fucking Hipster) – parts are NSFW. I just spent the morning browsing it.

  2. oooh! i love this! i’m so sorry i’ve been inconsistent these last couple weeks! i’m in the process of moving and it has completely kicked my butt. thank you for being such a faithful participant and introducing me to some AWESOME new groups!!!

  3. Hey, I actually got to watch/listen to this one! Hooray for me.

    What a quirky song. Undeniably catchy, though. The music (not the voice) reminds me of a new band called I Fight Dragons who do a lot of 8-bit sounds along with their instruments. Love it.

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