Firstly thank you to all of you who are asking how I’m doing after the surgery.  It makes me feel so much better knowing there are people that care and I’m sorry I haven’t written back individually but I’ve just been so drained 😦

So Monday was the op.  I was so scared when I got there but this time I didn’t pass out from the IV like last time I had one.  The nurses were pretty nice and I remember waking up on a stretcher in some ward where I had to sit by myself for an hour before they let me go up to a recovery room.  I guess I just slept most of it.  Then I got wheeled upstairs and Tyler and my dad were there.  I couldn’t talk but I guess I still had some morphine in my system so the pain wasn’t excruciating.  Still couldn’t talk though and I had one of those oxygen masks on too.  Tyler bought me a little stuffed animal and some flowers and read to me for a bit.  After 4 hours I was allowed home and I was pretty groggy so I slept that night.

Next day… the drugs had worn off… and I was in SO MUCH PAIN.  I couldn’t even swallow any spit or anything and by the end of the day I had passed out from lack of energy and we called the Health Links line and they said to go back to the hospital to get some fluids in me.  We got there at 8:30 – got out about 3:30 am the next day. They put a bag of fluid in and also some more morphine so I could swallow some T3s at least.

The next day I forced myself to get down some Alpha-getti.  Only a few spoonfuls but I didn’t want a repeat performance.  Then yesterday I managed to eat a bit of watermelon.  Tyler is worried about my weight, most people  have been saying they lose 10-20 lbs when they have their tonsils out and I was only 105 to begin with.  Last night was not fun.  I was worried about Christmas.  Right now it’s at the point where the scabs at the back of my throat have I guess started coming off, because I was spitting up blood last night and it’s all raw again and I can’t swallow anything.  They said sometimes at this point you have to go back to the hospital to get it cauterized if it keeps bleeding, and I don’t want to be stuck miles away on Christmas, pretending everything is okay when I’m just in agony and might need to go have that done.

I am SO sore right now I just wish I could fastforward the next 2 weeks and be done with it.

Sorry for whining 😦

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