OH MY GOSH IT’S SO COLD!! I don’t usually bitch about the weather ‘cause, well, I have better things to do, but when you walk to work… minus 43 is NOT fun… and I have been proudly sporting a full length snowsuit each morning this week and yes, I look like a total safety kid but goodness… England cannot come soon enough. lol

Two things have been on my mind a lot this week. Well, three. One: Alesha. My dear friend who I’m terribly worried about may have a new baby 10 days early and I’ve been thinking about her every day. I’ve never had a good friend have a baby before. It’s really exciting and I feel for her so much and I just can’t wait to see how she is and her new baby. Alesha if you get to read this know that I am thinking of you as you do!

Two: My own surgery. It’s on Monday and I’m gonna be on a solid diet of soup and silence for the next two weeks. Christmas isn’t going to be the most fun ever but it could be worse, and this way I don’t get to put on 20lbs from all the food. Which is a good thing 🙂

Three: There’s this little old man I’ve befriended at work in the last few months. He wrote an autobiography of his journey from India to the US and Canada and how he worked for the United Nations. I’ve been helping format his wife’s book (a cookery book) and he is just so sweet and I absolutely love him to bits. He’s 93, and he told me on Monday he only has 6 months left – he has cancer. I just started crying then and there because he still had a smile on his face because he’s “lived a good life” and wanted this book of his wife’s to be finished before he goes. He said I was like “his own granddaughter” and he said he didn’t know if he’d be here to make it to my wedding in July but wanted to give me a wedding gift now in case he doesn’t. He gave me $100 – and again I almost started crying! He said “don’t think after this project I’ll be finished with you, I will still see you” and today when he came to pick up his stuff, he asked my boss to call him the day after I get out of the hospital because “until then I will be very worried about you” and wants to know it went okay. I told him I’d get Tyler to call him as he’ll be with me that day. But honestly, I’ve been absolutely touched by meeting this wonderful person and it makes me so sad it had to be so late in his life. I hope so badly that he will make it past 6 months and way on, he’s such a kind, sweet, sprightly man and I’ll miss him terribly.

I guess there wasn’t a huge point to this post, just musing on recent events and life in general…

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