Good news, oh wait, bad!

So this week has been pretty eventful. I was supposed to have my surgery on Monday, which I spent all weekend fretting about, and got a phone call Monday morning from the doctor who said the anaesthetist was sick that day so all the non-emergency surgeries had to be postponed. Until January! Hurrah, I thought – no missing out on any holiday festivities, just 2-3 weeks off in the coldest month of the year drinking soup and lots of water. But then my boss told me that wasn’t acceptable and that January was one of her busiest months, and to phone back and try and get in this month. Which I did… and I did. December bloody 17th, which means “no you’ll definitely not be able to have Christmas dinner, you’ll probably be feeling okay in the New Year”. My ENTIRE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY is ruined!! I was so sad, and it did cause a bit of trouble with family stuff etc. but I guess we’ll just see how it goes on actual Christmas day… *sigh* And I thought LAST Christmas was bad!!

What else happened this week… oh my microwave broke, haha, but some dear friends who I love to bits are giving us another one. Because they’re that awesome. Last night I went out with my dad and Nicole to this REALLY FANCY event at the convention centre. He’d won tickets at work and they were $125 tickets – each! – we had a massive “feast” with all this fancy food, wine, and the servers and other staff were all dressed in medieval costumes, and they had “Wassailers” singing between courses and Buffy Sainte Marie did a small concert. And Al Simmons was there too. There was a massive silent auction with something like 200 prizes, ranging from concert tickets to a weekend in Scotland (minimum bid $2000!) – this was seriously a “rich people’s” event!!

Tonight I’m finally finishing my Christmas shopping and then this weekend’s hopefully going to be pretty relaxing, see some friends, bake some cookies, all that holiday season stuff. Hope everyone has a great weekend 🙂

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