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That time I got BANNED…

Earlier this week, I visited an online community I’d been a member of ever since I got engaged, but had rarely checked or used. I’d just finished making our uber-nerdy table cards for the wedding, and after getting great reactions from a couple of friends, I was totally excited to share them with other brides-to-be!  I posted two pictures and a little blurb on all the geeky details we were going to be having in the wedding, which were going down quite well, and I was loving reading about everyone else’s sci-fi touches (bride and groom lightsaber duel? Yes please!), when I got a message.

Put your second image behind a cut.

Now I’m about as competent in HTML as I am in Cantonese, and in the two minutes before leaving for work that morning after I got the message, I tried pressing the “LJ-cut” button on the picture… and it didn’t work.  I figured the moderator would either do it for me, or I’d have another go when I got home at the end of the day. Either way, I didn’t have time to figure it out then and there.  About an hour after I got to work, I received a series of INSANE messages from the community moderator. Number one:

I’m deleting your post now, since you’ve obviously seen my comment, and have yet to put your second picture behind a cut. Shame, since there are lots of great comments in here.

To which I responded that it seemed a little harsh and rather unwelcoming, that I hadn’t had time to figure out how to do that, and asked if she could put it back and show me how, or simply do it for me.  Cue immediate response (and I quote):

Unwelcoming?! Instead of being an adult, you decided to throw a temper tantrum because I made you follow the rules. You are NOT above the rules. They apply to you just like they apply to everyone else. I don’t think you should take your frustrations out on me – you were the one at fault here. And no, I can’t put your post back up. Deleted means gone. Forever. I almost wanted to leave it up so you could get your ass handed to you by everyone else (seriously, they don’t have any patience for rule-breakers, either), but decided the drama wasn’t worth it so I deleted it. We enforce the rules for everyone, and don’t make exceptions for special snowflakes. Seriously, so much fail.  Also, you’re banned.

At which point I burst out laughing in total and utter disbelief. Note to self: