Happy 101

The lovely Lisa left this for me (if you don’t already read her, she’s wonderful!)  So here’s my happy start to the week.

The rules of this award:

List 10 things that make you happy.
Try and do at least one of them today.
Tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day.
Link back to the person that tagged you.

1. Going to the airport and waiting to board the plane, knowing the next X amount of days are going to be full of adventure and wonderful memories.
2. This video of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin singing a Christmas song, doing funny dances, and seriously being the best of friends.
3. Blogging, reading other blogs, and blog comments!
4. My little cat, when she’s doing little leaps for a string in the air, hanging upside down over the stairs, or generally being sweet.

5. Looking at big white wedding dresses in shop windows.
6.   Being outside in the sun – we get so little warmth I tend to migrate to the outdoors for two months of the year.  Warm sun will GUARANTEE big smiles.
7.  TV and music from the UK.  All my favourite programmes and bands are from there 🙂
8. Spending time with my lovely fiancé, my wonderful friends, or my dad.  They’re the best ever.

9.  Writing to and getting letters from my sponsor child.  I keep them all on my fridge and hearing about how well he’s doing just makes me beam.
10.  Playing board games with big groups of people!

And loads more!! Thank you Lisa for making me think about all the things that make me happy – what better way to start a Monday morning 🙂

Now, here goes my ten – this is going to be REALLY hard to narrow down…

1. Kyla Roma
2.  Leanne from the [Mis]adventures of a Small Town Girl
3. Jenn from From My Front Porch Looking In
4. Marie from Marie’s Blog Cafe
5. Nora from Walking Through the Rain
6. Hillary from Two L’s Please
7. Ashley from Sound of Silent
8. Amy from Just a Titch
9. Doniree
10. Jen from You’ll Grow to Love Me

That was HARD – can’t I keep going to like, 30??  I tried to be fair and picked ten I had open in tabs, but if you’re on my blogroll, you are most definitely on my list of people that brighten my day.  🙂