My Ukulele Decemberists Cover

So… remember about a month ago when I wanted to finally man up and sing in front of an audience? And went into it shaking harder than a cheap hotel bed and came out the other side throwing up? Yep. Fun times. But amidst the terror and the vomit was a tiny sliver of accomplishment – and an enormous desire to be able to learn an instrument (if only to give me something to do with those damn arms), lose the nerves, and be able to Perform Properly. I’ve never been able to play the guitar, so I decided on a ukulele. Less strings, and a way better fit for my hobbit hands. And only $25!

Naturally this first proved a lesson in patience. I wanted it to be in tune, I wanted to know the fingerings of all the chords, and I wanted to be able to read music and play every song I knew immediately. I’m learning these days that one of the things I need to work on most in pretty much everything is learning to be patient. (But “carpe diem” has such a good ring to it…)  But after a week or two of perfecting playing the basic chords in my best carpal tunnel-inducing claw and almost giving up, I figured out the proper way, and managed to bugger my way through a whole song! So here’s my first attempt at playing the ukulele for people. The cat doesn’t count. PLEASE bear in mind that a) I’m a total n00b and have a LOT of work to do, b) I look crap in glasses, c) I’m still terrified of singing in front of people, but d) I really, really want to keep taking these steps – even if they’re scary and even though I’ll probably look back in total mortification – because I love music. I love singing, even if I’m not the greatest singer. And I really, really want to stop being afraid of doing it.

Here goes. (God I wish they’d let you actually choose the thumbnail!)


  1. Well done, Emily!! For a newbie on the uke, you’ve managed to hold your own…and while singing too. That’s not an easy task. (c:

    Side note…I love your voice. Seriously. You’ve got a really lovely tone and great control. You should definitely sing more often.

  2. agreed! that was really, really good, especially since you only got that thing a cuople of weeks ago. way to go em xxx

  3. Nice Emily 🙂 You’ve been entertaining so many creative outlets! How healthy and great of you…also, as we get older we realize how fulfilling it is to put time and effort into something, especially when we see results! For me, I’m attempting to learn Turkish! Hard to do, but fun.

    1. Aw thanks 🙂 And yay for Turkish!! It’s still my favourite place ever. I only know one word in Turkish (“Simarik”, not sure what it means), but I know the whole dance lol!

  4. Randomly stumbled onto this post and felt compelled to comment – you’ve such a lovely singing voice! Great ukulele playing as well; I enjoyed the cover and I usually don’t even like ukes or the Decemberists, but this was beautiful. Please keep at it!

  5. That was great! You have a great voice too and, trust me, you look far better in glasses than I do. If I am wearing mine around the flat I actually remove them to leave my room because I don’t even like my flatmates seeing me in them!

  6. You see? Singing is good for you and good for your soul — but music shows its real power when it’s shared.

    And why hadn’t you started doing this sooner? I didn’t hear one sour note.

  7. Wow, you are so adorable! And seriously, I cannot believe you’ve only been at this ukulele business for a few weeks. I’m no expert, but you sounded wonderful at both the playing and singing!

  8. Ok wow. You do not give yourself enough credit! 1) You look awesome in glasses (I happen to love the geeky-plastic-glasses look myself! HOT :D) 2) Your voice is absolutely beautiful and 3) I can’t believe that you’ve only recently started learning the ukulele. If this is you just beginning, I can’t wait to hear how you progress! Awesome! ❤

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