Galaxy Nails for Space Nerds

Just a quick post (since my last was… 3,000+ words… yes yes, I’m working on the art of brevity), since several asked for a tutorial on my attempt at galaxy nails! They’re not perfect, but for a first attempt I don’t think they’re too bad. And they’re so delightfully celestial I love them to bits. 🙂

If you Google “galaxy nails”, you’ll find all sorts of wonderful pictures of nebulae and cosmic dust all over people’s fingertips, and there’s not really a way to go wrong with these. All you need are…

You don’t even need a steady hand! Basically, first you’ll want to paint your black/navy base as you would any normal coat of nail polish. Let it dry, and then take a lighter colour to start splodging the base of your star cluster. I used silver at this point. You can either dab some on a section of your black nail (at any random spot) and dab at it to blend with the makeup sponge, or paint some directly onto the sponge and start dabbing that way. I can never be arsed to wait for polish to dry at the best of times, so I started with the colours right away. A couple of minutes is good enough. Then you start doing the same thing with your other colours – I used a royal blue on some nails, and a pink-purple on others to maximise the nebula effect. Keep sponging away to blend the edges in. You can always add more once it dries if you bugger it up like I did. The good thing about this is that you don’t have to be neat at all. Once you’re happy with your colours, stick some glitter on top and seal it all in with a clear top coat, and voila! The doctor would be proud 🙂


  1. I absolutely love this! Well, you knew that anyway, as I was one of the people who asked for the tutorial! I need to remember and buy some make-up wedges so I can try this one.

    I’m doing a nail tutorial post tomorrow on rainbow nails but i’ll be pointing my readers in your direction for this one too! 🙂

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