Weekends are for…

1. Royal Wedding Parties

In spirit of last week’s post on all the negativity surrounding the royal wedding, nothing made me happier than being able to spend Friday glued to the radio, hearing of the hundreds of thousands who’d flocked to London to line the streets outside Buckingham palace, decked out with Union flags, wedding dresses and patriotic Daleks in the lead up to the event of the century. I can’t begin to describe the buzz in the air as I listened in on the outburst of national pride and excitement – despite being halfway across the world, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of your home country uniting in masses of support over such a joyous occasion. As soon as the clock hit four, I rushed home to finish our attempt at Prince William’s chocolate biscuit cake , deck the halls, lay out the spread and put on a party dress. Girlfriends arrived in style, and we spent the next six hours toasting, laughing, crying, and sitting in awe as we witnessed an historic occasion that will be talked about for generations.

Favourite moments? Prince William whispering to Kate how beautiful she looked. The nod to nature as the aisle of the stunning Westminster abbey was lined with a canopy of trees. The Bishop of London’s charismatic and powerful sermon which was composed perfectly, captivated hearts across the globe, and got major bonus points for quoting Chaucer. The music. My goodness, the music. The choral arrangements sounded like angels, and hearing Jerusalem (a patriotic, national treasure of a hymn) in full choral and orchestral arrangement ringing through the abbey, covering my arms in goosebumps and my cheeks in tears, making me positively proud to be British. Kate’s dad radiating with pride the whole day long. The human tide of support lining the mall, and Kate’s reaction to seeing it. And of course, Princess Beatrice winning the award for Most Ridiculous Hat in all of millinery history.

2.  Nerding Out

Sometimes there’s nothing better about being a fan of something than being able to share it fully with people just as passionate as you. A new season of Doctor Who is underway, and we gathered together to celebrate with a kickoff party. The wedding TARDIS made a welcome appearance, geeky t-shirts were worn with pride, and a major hand went to a die-hard friend who made us all Oreo  Dalek cake balls! The new season is excellent so far, and scarier than ever – just as it should be. Any fellow fans with thoughts on the major turn of events in episode two, thoughts are most definitely welcome!


3. Creating a New Space

We live in a two-bedroomed house, and with only two people, one of these rooms had inevitably turned into something that may as well have been visited by a Malon freighter. It had nothing on the walls, everything on the floor, and acted more as a storage locker for all the things that didn’t fit anywhere else in the house than an actual functioning room. When it got to the point where we could no longer remember if there had ever been a floor, we decided it was time to do something. After a few hours and cries of “Sweetie? I think I might be a hoarder…”, the closet was organised, the floor cleaned, and the paraphernalia sorted into several donation bags to go to the local Salvation Army. The room became a fresh slate – and a fresh opportunity. After scoring a few bargains on Kijiji, learning how to use power tools and spending an afternoon at Winners, our spare room is now a haven for reading, writing, and creativity. Fairy lights sit behind translucent cream drapes, candles occupy ornate decorations, and a vintage desk and antique nautical barometer are enough to make my inner history nerd rejoice! Now it’s finished, I adore retreating upstairs after a day at the office, slipping in some choral music, and reading by the candelight in our new space. 🙂

How did you spend the weekend?


  1. I was planning to clean my room last weekend. I didn’t remember it until now!

    Oh well. Too late. I’ll do it next weekend. Haha. :p

    P.S. Princess Beatrice’s hat is indeed ridiculous!!

      1. Was that the nude colour swirly thing? Me and Mum thought that Victoria Beckham’s was cool as it seemed to stay on by will power alone. Some of the others were just strange!

  2. You ladies look so cute all dressed up for the wedding, sounds like a great time. It was so beautiful (I cried too!)

    Way to go on the room make over! I really need to do that with our bedroom…

  3. Inspired by you! Everyone should have a room like that. I actually turned our guest room into an “art room” when I was little and by the time I was 7 or 8 you couldn’t see the floor and the carpet was stained with all sorts of markers and paint and glitter glue. It’s clean now though haha.

    I’m ashamed to say I didn’t watch the Royal Wedding but a lotttt of people I know did, so I am filled in now. It sounds absolutely adorable and I heard about all the perfect moments and what made people cry and who was best dressed so I am up to date.

    1. Lucky girl, you had an ART room! My creative space consisted of my nan’s bedroom with a typewriter plonked in front of the window. I adored it though 🙂

  4. Hi Emily –

    I think the Royal wedding couldn’t have come at a better time for the UK than right now. Unity of a Nation and global support is critical, especially during these troubled economic times.

    I really think the pair make a great couple. WOW, isn’t Kate a stunning woman and bride! What I like best about her is that she personifies the gorgeous “girl next door” look. Unlike Charles and L. Di, who didn’t appear to be a “natural” fit as a couple in my eyes, I do think this new Royal couple look wonderful together. It’s my view and sure others may not see it the way that I do.

    Thank you for another great blog, Emily. Happy Monday to you. 🙂

    1. Happy Monday to you too! Glad you enjoyed the wedding, and you’re right, it has come at a great time when the nation can really band together over something positive after what seems to have been a bad few years…

  5. Oh my gosh! The Dalek! That is hilariously awesome!

    I think my favorite part of the wedding was Harry eyeing Kate and whispering “wait till you see her” to William. That was so adorable. I’m also kind of in love with Pippa right now.

    Oh, and we’ve got a room like that too. It is referred to as the Crap Room, or alternatively, the Hell Room. I just try not to go in there too often 😉

  6. Oh the Royal Wedding was so wonderful to watch. Such a beautiful ceremony. And I love that you cleaned out the room to create a haven for creativity.

  7. Oooh, all your parties look so fun! I’m glad you were able to celebrate the royal wedding your way with friends and what looks like very tasty treats! My weekend was mostly working, except for Sunday which was all about writing, writing, writing and some reading in bed! It was awesome!

  8. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Did you hear Prince William and Kate are coming to Canada in June?! Is it wrong that I’m dying to find out what they’ll be doing in Quebec so I can go meet them? Ha! Loved the Royal Wedding, I’m back in love with the Royal Family hehe. My weekend was filled with work, taking in the gorgeous weather, and dinner with some best friends!

  9. I’m glad you had a fun party! 🙂

    My weekend has been good too. I’ve basically spent it either sunbathing in the park or hanging out with my boyfriend, so it’s been pretty nice. 🙂

  10. I watched some of the royal wedding on Fri morning before work and then enjoyed discussing it w/ my co-workers, most of which are male! But apparently everyone loves a good wedding regardless of their sex!

  11. right, right…cheerio!

    Actually, I went to a proper English tea…how about THAT 🙂

    Mmmm…clotted cream and rose jam on scones…

    1. LOL there was nothing more annoying than hearing the American correspondents talking to the British ones covering the wedding and starting to SAY THAT as soon as they hear a British accent!! LOL they were talking about it after playing a clip this morning on the radio…

  12. This is one of my fears when it comes to having a second bedroom!

    I watched the wedding (well part of it – ok basically only the I Dos and the carriage ride) from a hotel room in Brisbane with my parents which was an incredible surreal experience.

  13. I really loved how cute the royal couple were. We slept late (yay for the day off!) and watched the wedding streamed from bed. There were heaps of little details I liked (how happy they looked, when Will panicked and forced the ring on, when driving back all the boys saluted going through BP’s gates!)

    I ventured out afterwards, and people were celebrating on the streets, waving flags around and everything. It was such a great day! 🙂

  14. I watched the whole wedding ceremony, but I haven’t watched the new season of Doctor Who. I’ve been watching them on DVD, and I’m stuck on season 3. I do enjoy the new series, but for entirely different reasons than why I liked the old series. There can be no other Doctor than Tom Baker.

    1. As if you’re stuck on season 3! Please tell me you’ve hit “Blink”. That’s the moment it all gets far darker and far more intelligent and far more brilliant – you must keep watching!!

      1. I just checked and I’m actually near the end of season 2 on the episode The Impossible Planet. I love the old series, but couldn’t get my wife or kids interested, so we’ve been watching the new series, which the kids love. We’ve been trying to watch it together and that’s why it’s been so slow to get through. I may have to watch the rest of 2 and 3 by myself. I really want to see the most recent season and the first episodes ever to be filmed in the US. I’ve been to the national park where The Impossible Astronaut was filmed many times.

        1. The Impossible Planet is one of my favourite two-parters! I love the old stuff too, but I also love that the production budget’s gone way up and they’ve got a writer who seems set on bringing viewers back to hiding behind the sofa 🙂

          The US episodes were FANTASTIC.

  15. I watched the Royal Wedding with my parents – even my 23 yo brother watched it by choice. He decided seeing as it was a historic event he really ought to watch the important bits like the vows lol.

    Kate looked amazing, and as she walks down the aisle Harry makes some comment before facing the front again – then when she gets there Will says it – Oh it was so sweet! Rock on! I wanted to cheer lol. At the last few weddings I’ve been to we’ve cheered at the “You are now hubby and wife bit”

  16. Wow, only one comment about Doctor Who so far? I watched the first two episodes of the new season last night. I got so scared I couldn’t sleep until I watched Confidential to hear Stephen Moffat affirm that he made it all up. I’m still not sure I believe him, although my husband pointed out that if I can remember the episode it’s probably not real. I’m full of questions and speculations, but I don’t want to post them here and spoil The Good Greatsby.

    Anyway, what an amazing start to the season. Glad to see you kicked it off in style. I also love the pictures of the redone room!

  17. I’m going to tell Good Greatsby he’s holding up a VERY interesting discussion, lol. I was terrified!! I had company over, thank GOODNESS, because if I’d watched it alone, I’m sure I wouldn’t have slept that night. The idea of the Silence and the possibility of IT COULD BE REAL AND YOU WOULDN’T KNOW IT it pretty much the scariest thing EVER!!

  18. Hello Emily, I loved the wedding. I’m a big sucker for British pomp. I loved seeing Westminster Abbey with all the greenery and feeling the joy and love from the crowds. I think we all remember too clearly, Prince William following his mother’s coffin and so it was lovely to have a happy royal occasion. Have been following your posts but haven’t had a chance to reply but am so curious about the previous post that you had to apply permission to read. Would love to read it, if you let me know how to go about it. And totally agree with your previous post on the Royal Rant and also love the quote from Luther King about the present day situation. Sorry to cram all that in one post but very time-poor! xx

  19. that all sounds so lovely! when i grow up, i want to be princess beatrice. i effing love her crazy hats 🙂 yay for parties and new rooms. wish i a) was all caught up on dr. who (still on s2) and b) had bbc america at the apartment to properly keep up with the awesome

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