Janeway Out

Started 4 months ago. Despite hoping, didn’t go away – spread instead, to the point of being unable to brush my own hair or hold a pencil without crazy amounts of pain. Not arthritis, thank heavens. But not tendonitis either. Have to wear this for the next little while at all times. This pretty much means no typing. Or texting. So, with great sadness, I’ll be offline (and missing you all heaps) for the next bit. ETA TBA. Still, it’ll get me working on #25, right? (Note to world: old-school communication like talking on the phone and friendly neighbourhood visits very much appreciated. *Bats eyelashes*)

Until next time…


  1. ah that sucks! If I was in the same country maybe I’d stop by, but I can still send a friendly message of helllooo~~~

    you should get some of the special equipment that Stephen Hawkings uses. I mean he only uses his cheek to input information, and he creates write award-winning works of science!

    ha see you again soon.

  2. I’d sooooo call you to chat but we only have cell phones since we shut down our landline and with this weather I’m freaked out that we’ll lose power and I won’t have my phone charged!!!! Supposed to get his with a crazy storm, it’s already intense out! Poor thing…maybe you’ll get some reading in? 🙂

  3. Rest up! Just a question (and I know you can’t answer this until you come back), do your hands change color? Do they turn white (or purple) when outside and then turn bright red when you come inside?

    My hands hurt like crazy and I couldn’t hold anything either. I was in a lot of pain; then I was diagnosed with Reynaud’s Disease. Keep an eye on the color of your hands when you’re outside. That’s the key.

  4. this is terrible! i just found you and now this (i promise i’m more concerned about you than me, lol!). but seriously. and did they say what it is, since it’s not tendinitis or arthritis? now i’m really concerned that i’ve had something similar wrong with my elbow for as long as i have. it’s probably all calcified and stuff. ugh. keep in touch with the world as much as you can. :] XOXO

  5. Oh no! Well take this time to rest and recuperate. Sometimes we just have to give our bodies what they need. ❤ Much love, hope it gets better soon!

  6. well… at least you have time to catch up on all those blogs even if you can’t actually COMMENT.

    hope it heals quickly. 🙂

  7. son of a beehive, woman!

    you and your on-going, inexplicable bouts of pain. i feel for you… and trust me, if you weren’t a few provinces away, i’d be there in a second to curl up on the couch, drink tea, and watch some sci-fi flicks with you (i.e. i have the entire star trek boxset)! heal up quick, lady.


  8. 😦 Nooooooooooo! Is it carpel tunnel perhaps, or are they leaving it at muscle issues?

    PS I feel the same about the phone, but its mixed. On one hand, I freak under the pressure of having something entertaining to say, where I won’t feel I’m just bothering the crap out of the other person. On the other, I love to multitask and hate being stuck focused on JUST the phone (I’m fine in person), so it bugs me to use it. LOL.

  9. Oh, no, Emily! Sounds painful. 😦

    I would totally come visit you, if only we weren’t in different countries! And I’m the same way with the phone…I really need to get better with my phone skills!

  10. I saw your tweet about it- you will be terribly, terribly, terribly missed! *Squish* Feel better soon, lovely.

    Oh and I would love to send you some get well soon hugs via snail mail, so if you can get Sweet to e-mail me your postal address? I promise I won’t stalk you! risha [dot] rao [at] gmail [dot] com

    ❤ xxx

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  12. This explains why I haven’t seen you around the blogosphere lately (and you can tell I’m WAY behind in my reader as well, I suppose… shame on me). I hope you’re healing along nicely! I can’t imagine not being able to text/type. I’d go crazy. At least you have the Dragon software now which I hear great things about 🙂

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