Quickhits of Happy

This week has been going all sorts of wonderfully, and I had to share with you guys – in bullet-pointy goodness:

  • On Tuesday, I officially started in my new position at work. I arrived like a total keener at 7:15 after the long weekend, and the first thing I did was not setting up my computer… it was decorating!!  I have two big windows, blinds, tonnes of space for photos and plants… I absolutely love it! I must admit that it is a little different having my own space and I do miss my old officemates, but we’ve started making plans outside of work. Which is lovely 🙂 I’m learning tonnes in my new role, too, and am being given all sorts of marketing and promotion responsibility – which is perfect!
  • I also secured some contract work through a good friend, which has been keeping me busy and allowing me to be creative, and gain some more design experience (for a pretty big company, too), all adding to the portfolio. Three hurrahs for networking, and big thanks to ItStartsWith.Us’s Nate St. Pierre!
  • Great Skype dates with blog friends and surprise packages in the mail are awesome. Thanks to Jen for the beautiful handmade apron!
  • Tonight I start my Creative Writing class – as much as I love blogging and writing articles, I’m looking forward to more imaginative writing opportunities too, and hopefully I’ll meet some new people while I’m there. I’m excited, but I kind of feel like a bit of a noob never having attended the college before 🙂
  • More good news came this week regarding Nan – last time I wrote, she’d taken a turn for the worse, but this week, after speaking to my dad, it seems our prayers were heard – the reason for her confusion was because she was being put on morphine and sedatives constantly – which was awful. She’s been moved to a different place, where she has the option for pain killers but is choosing not to take them, and is being given rehabilitation exercises to help her get better. My dad spoke to her this week, and said she is sounding much like herself again – I’m thrilled!! Thank you SO much for all your kind thoughts and prayers…
  • And perhaps the best news of all this week is that Sweet and I will be visiting her in August. We decided instead of taking a honeymoon after the wedding, it was more important to go see Nan so they could both meet before the wedding, and I’ll get to see my friends, my home, my country… and show Sweet where I grew up. We leave for England on the 5th August for ten days, and already have our first day planned sightseeing, taking in a West End musical, museums, and staying over in a posh hotel. Ooh, and Stephen? International blogger meetup? 🙂  The rest of the trip will be spent visiting Nan, travelling by train like proper tourists, catching up with old friends, and hopefully a day trip or two to Ireland or France while we’re there. Our pockets are definitely hurting, but I think it’s most definitely worth it. I can’t wait to tell Nan the news, and to see her again – she’ll be over the moon!!

What are some highlights of your week so far?


  1. Oh my god Em you’re going to have SUCH a great time and I’m so happy you get to see your grandma too. I bet she’s really looking forward to it. you’re right it’s way more meaningful to visit your nan and your home even if it is at the expense of a honeymoon – well fingers crossed you win that wedding contest and win one! I’ll be voting for ya! good luck with the class and the dancing too!

    1. Haha thanks love! I’m keeping them crossed too – it would be LOVELY, but I’m not getting my hopes up too high. Thanks for all the good wishes – I’m so excited! 🙂

  2. EEEEEE!

    emily! i’m SO happy for you… everything seems to be going great, and i’m very excited for you.

    also, please take tons of pictures in england! i’m glad you and sweet will be able to visit nan and he’ll get to see where you grew up.

    this is such a great post. i could almost hear your excitement while reading it!



  3. Wow Em, this is all so great! I’m smiling for you, and also my new favorite phrase is “a total keener.” 🙂

  4. This all makes me so happy!!! I am ecstatic that you are taking the creative writing course, how fun! And can we please skype date soon!?!


    Hannah Katy

  5. Oooooh how exciting!! I’m so excited for you that you’re going to be able to see your Nan before your wedding. How awesome. And I’m so happy that you’re loving your new position and not to mention all the other incredible things going on for you. Don’t you love when life looks up and takes beautiful turns like this? So wonderful. Hope your weekend is equally as wonderful (if not more so!) as your week! ❤

  6. I’m so happy and excited for you that you’re going to get a chance to see your Nan! That sounds so much better than a honeymoon (although, it sort of IS a honeymoon!); so glad you were able to make it happen! I bet you can’t wait for August to roll around.

    My hubby and I have always wanted to take ballroom dancing lessons, but it seems like we’ve never had the opportunity (either distance was in the way, or now, he works really late hours, even on Fridays and the weekend). Let us know how it goes!

    Congrats on the contract work and your new position at work! And good luck with the creative writing class! I took one in college, and it was funny because I was a freshman at the time, and the professor made an announcement on the first day that the class is really only suited for juniors and seniors, and that anyone else should consider dropping it. I decided to stay in the class, and I LOVED it and did REALLY well. It was so much fun; I hope you have fun, too!

    1. You’re right – it IS kind of an early honeymoon! As well as visiting Nan and friends and family, we’re going to try and get around and do some holiday-ish things too 🙂 I’m a LITTLE nervous about the dance lessons – I’m dreadfully uncoordinated! I tried Tango once – ONLY once, because I just couldn’t make my feet cooperate at the right times!! We’ll see how it goes 🙂 I’m glad you stayed in your writing class – I hope mine is just as much fun as yours was 🙂

      1. I consider myself to be dreadfully uncoordinated, too. It’s another reason I’m skeptical of trying a dance lesson! The instructor would probably get frustrated with me, haha!

  7. I am really excited about ALL the great news, but the last one made me really happy… I think it’s wonderful that you’re going to see your Nan and that you’ll be able to show your Sweets the country you grew up in! Awesome!


    I’m SO thrilled that things are looking up for you!
    Please, PLEASE make sure you take lots of pictures abroad…I need to live vicariously through you.

    Mike and I tried to take ballroom dancing…but it was a disaster. Actually, the instructor was just too weird for us…and the class was me/mike, instructor/his wife and this single lady. It was cringe-inducingly awkward. Do you like how I made up that word there? I do!

    1. I will take a MILLION pictures!! And LOL sorry but that is ridiculously awkward… was it like a series of classes? That you had to go to REGULARLY? Yikes 🙂
      PS. Yes I loved your word lol

  9. Wow, it sounds like you’ve had such a fabulous week! I love how you are so attune to the positive things happening in your life, because as I’m sure you know, when you’re looking through that lens of gratitude, the things to be grateful for keep piling up! I love how that works;-)

    That’s great you guys are starting a ballroom dancing class! Is this in preparation for your wedding? You have reminded me that I need to get on this if Robert and I don’t want to be stepping on, and tripping over each other’s feet during our first dance!

    1. It’s so true 🙂 Actually the class has nothing to do with the wedding – we have a really upbeat song for our first dance and through our venue, we get a couple of free lessons there. It’ll work out in my head lol but we’ll see how well we do when we actually try it out for the first time! When is your wedding date?

  10. Highlight of the week: Skype date with you, FTW!

    I’m enjoying my (slightly) more positive attitude about everything that I seem to have. And I’m so grateful I took the pups for a decent walk outside the other night in the gorgeous weather (soon to be replaced by snow, yet again).

    And I am mega jealous about the Ireland/France bit.

  11. So glad to hear all is going so well!

    That trip sounds fantastic. I hope you have a blast!

    P.S This weekend I’m finally getting some free-time so there should be something in the mail for you next week. 🙂

  12. Sounds like a fantastic honeymoon planned. I’m sure your Nan will love it! What a great surprise for her. 🙂

    Ballroom dancing sounds fun too. I don’t think I’ll ever get to learn with RV though. We took salsa dancing together before we started dating, and let me tell you – he’s got two left feet. 😛 Or maybe two right feet…

  13. Oh my gosh, lots of great things are happening in your world! I am so excited for you! I have never had an office – how fun! I do plan to bring pictures with me to my new cubicle, though. I didn’t have any personal effects at my last job and my cube was such a downer!

    That’s so exciting that you are going to England! Your grandma is going to be thrilled! How exciting. My first trip outside of the US/Canada was to London so that city holds a special place in my heart. I have not gone back but hope to some day!

  14. Hey Emily!

    I gave you something on my blog so make sure you go check it out! Hope you’re having a great Thursday! 😀


  15. I’m so glad you’ll get to go visit your Nan!!!!! That is awesome news. A vacation sounds so great right about now. My grandmother, we call her Mamita, is coming up to visit again. She’ll be here on April 30th and she’ll stay for a few months. She lives in Guatemala but comes sometimes once a year or every other year. We always say goodbye and wonder if she’ll make it back, but she keeps it up. She’ll be 89 in August. I was ecstatic when she was coming to visit when Jordan was born and now she’s coming to be here for babus #2. I can’t wait. I love having family around.

    I’m glad you like the apron! I need to get back into the kitchen and try my dried beans again. We’ll be off this weekend to visit Chad’s parents so it might not be this weekend…

    Exciting things going on this week:
    1. I talked to some girls about doing National Boards, they were nervous but I got to tell them all about my great experience and I think they are more at ease about doing it now.
    2. One of my schools threw a mini-baby shower for the 5 (!!!) of us who are preggers. I was excited to be involved because people don’t really know me as well as the others because I’m in and out so much. It was sweet. I got to take home a giant diaper cake that smells like sweet baby powder and I loved it!
    3. Jordan and I were coloring and we found a coloring book with some pages about matching shapes and then filling in patterns and he did such a good job. I’m so proud of my munchkin!

    1. That’s so awesome about your grandma!! You’ll have the best time with her, and Jordan too! (Have you picked out a name yet?)

      I’m going to take a pic of the apron this weekend 🙂 I loved the little note about the beans. Let me know how it goes next time…

      I’m so glad you’re having a great week, too cute about Jordan, and you got a DIAPER CAKE?? Please tell me you took a picture!!

  16. oh my gosh, em!!! I am SOOO PROUD of you for deciding to visit your nan on your honeymoon. That shows your heart!!!! Oh, it makes me sooooo happy to hear 🙂

    Glad things are workin out well for ya 🙂 God has got some good things planned out for your life, it seems!

    Love, Ash

  17. Okay, I was happy reading all these things and then I got to the last one and MY HAPPINESS METER EXPLODED! How exciting!!! Yay! I am so glad you have all of these things going on AND that you get to take a fabulous trip on top of that! Woohoo 😀

  18. You get to go to Europe?!? I’m a little jealous (in a loving way). I hope to see pictures. Lots of them. And how cool that you get to visit your Grandma.

    I think it is so cool that you are taking a creative writing class. I’ve looked for some to sign up for here in Colorado and there weren’t any good ones this spring. Sooner or later I will do it. I bet your going to have fun with it!

  19. ballroom dancing?! my cousin does that and she is amazing at it. good luck with it!

    can we see pictures of your new office?! i am so jealous you have windows. i’m cooped up in an office that gets extremely hot and has no windows!

    glad to hear nan is doing better!

  20. So happy to hear about your new position at work! That’s such uplifting and exciting news! Also I’m glad to hear that you and your honey will be able to visit your nan in England! I’ve always wanted to visit England, so when I do, I’ll make sure to ask you for some pointers!

  21. Just now catching up on my blogroll so excuse all the comments at once. I am glad your grandmother is doing better. How awful if her state was just due to being over-medicated. 😦
    And that sounds like a great idea to visit the UK in the summer.
    Also hooray for ballroom dance classes (did I tell you I do not know how to dance at all? If I ever get married I’ll have to take some lessons too!) and yay for the new responsibilities at work. I hope you get to stay longer than just three months.

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