Get Your Freak On Friday

So I know a couple of weeks ago I mentioned I was going to be doing this regular feature… did anyone SEE the crazy bizarre Hot Chip video from last time?? I decided to keep it up – I know I don’t really listen to a lot of “mainstream” music, but I listen to a lot of new stuff (thank you BBC radio) and lately I’ve come across some real corkers. Get Your Freak On Friday is about music, about “what makes you tap your toes, bob your head, wiggle your fingers, cry like an infant, dance like an orangutan, or want to throw things. You list a song and what you do because of it.”

Here’s how it works:
1. Paste the button into your post, linking back to Tristan.
2. Write about aforementioned song. Any one you like.
3. Post the link to your post on Tristan’s post’s Mr. Linky.

This week, I’m currently loving the first proper single from the band Hurts – I’d heard their “pre-single” Wonderful Life last year, which was getting a lot of love across the indie/alternative scene, and recently, they’ve released Better Than Love, which is definitely my current favourite record. It’s fresh, ’80s new wave revival in an original way, and I love their whole look, too – minimalist, black and white, clean cut – very vintage in a post-modern kinda way.  Crank this one up and dance your way into the weekend…


  1. em i loooooooove this band. i wish they had an album already ’cause i loved wonderful life too. this is brilliant though they really stepped it up! brilliant choice

  2. I think I’m just gonna steal everything from your blog because everyone of my followers is loving your Get Your Freak on Fridays! I have to check out that Cobra Starship song because I have never heard it! Have an awesome weekend girl!


    1. I’m so glad!! I haven’t heard the song in years but I just YouTubed it and cranked it up and it was as great as ever. Hope you like it 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  3. Just letting you know that I leafed through and that I saw your blog being nominated in 20SB as feature that’s why I’m here. And it pays to have been gone here ;D I might as well vote for you too.

    Awesome, honest blog!

  4. You and your copyrighted videos! *shakes fist*

    I will make a note to check this one and the other out when I get home and can search on… unconventional places (I don’t want to do these things on my work computer).

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