More engines, please

I had every intention of writing this morning, but unfortunately my self-induced waking coma prevented me from making any sort of sense whatsoever and I decided, both for your benefit and mine, to wait until it had somewhat worn off.

I’ve spent much of the last week in various attempts at rescuing my computer after it got a nasty attack of spyware, and decided (reluctantly) to give up and wipe the bloody thing and restart from scratch. I tried burning everything to DVDs with the help of my dad’s portable DVD burner, but it conked out on me after about 3 discs and I was stuck with my own, which I got to burn my photos and some music at a cheery rate averaging at about 90 minutes per disc. 8 discs and half a season of House later, I gave up and prepared myself for a teary goodbye to an entire hard drive’s worth of music, movies and UK TV shows, and it was carted off early Sunday morning.

The problem with this was one little mp3 file I use nightly. 60 Minutes of Pure White Noise. After trying various background sounds to drown out whiny cats and noisy room mates at night, I found the perfect file. Seagulls, raindrops and typewriters (with AND without carriage return, though it was nice to have the option) all failed miserably, but the soft sound of plane engines somehow did the trick. For the last few weeks I’ve been falling asleep and able to stay asleep with a pair of earplugs and a sleeping mask, with the comforting reassurance of feeling like I’m on a transatlantic flight. Lose the computer, however, and the night is suddenly full of too much silence. Being the lightest sleeper in the world, every tiny thing wakes me up. So naturally this is what happened last night. Well, for the first 45 minutes anyway, until I defiantly refused to go on tossing and turning and came up with the brilliant decision of making myself a cocktail of 3 Gravol tablets and 2 night time flu relief caplets, all washed down with a mug of warm milk. It sure did the trick, but I woke up this morning feeling like I’d just had an entire bottle of wine.

I tried to get up. After stumbling around a bit and walking around with my eyes closed, I reset my alarm and gave myself another half hour in bed. I didn’t have the energy to do my hair or makeup and I stood in my boots by the door, looking at my scarf and mitts on the upper shelf debating for a good 5 minutes whether or not I had the energy to reach up and get them. I somehow managed a sluggish walk to work, but refrained from typing anything important for the first few hours after I saw what I’d sent to Miss Kyla. I had no idea I used the words you01u and ggoodd so often!

Right now I’m contemplating going home early. Today I’ve successfully made a pot of coffee-less boiling water in the coffee machine, printed an entire order on the wrong stock, laminated an empty pouch and charged typing prices for printing. I don’t think I’m any good here. I hope my computer’s nice and safe and home tonight. Otherwise I’ll be calling somebody up and asking them to make plane noises for me.


  1. lol Em, especially for your body weight you should never take more than 1 gravol, by its self, ever.


    And that e-mail was really sweet and funny, I read it and just though “ooh dear. I’m not going to say anything about the spelling used in this one.” =)

    To better sleep & less drugs!

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