First Post of 2008

I’m a little late in my first update of the new year, January being half over already, but I’ve been really busy over the last couple of weeks. Which is a wonderful thing! Last time I wrote I was in a pretty bad way, but the people that have come through for me recently have been the biggest, well, life-changing and positive influence I’ve had in my life for the longest time. It’s weird that it’s only been a month or so since everything happened, and thinking back to how I was then, the shock of it all, the fear and all that came with this big adjustment, and how I am now – I’m really doing well, and I never thought I would. I’ve been keeping most of my new year’s resolutions, doing a lot of examining of the past and making sure I don’t make the same mistakes I have in the past little while. And I think it’s going really well. I don’t really want to elaborate on the ins and outs of everything, but on the whole, I’m definitely changing certain things about how I do things and feel about things, and things have been going great. I’ve been making time for things I enjoy, seeing people that really matter, and just doing things right. And I owe so much to a couple of you – your words and actions have meant more than I could ever say, and I’m so grateful to have reconnected and spent time with you recently.

So, I’ve been up to a few things as of late. Turning over a new leaf and becoming a total clean freak I guess is a pretty huge change (for anyone that saw my apartment last year!). Since December the whole place has been turned around, scrubbed and hoovered within an inch of its life and I’ve been really keeping up with it so I can HAVE people over WHENEVER and it’ll look awesome. Plus I’ve found that coming home to a pretty, homey little place is just less stressful too. I’ve also taken to cooking. Like actual cooking. I do feel like I’m putting on a little weight which I’m slightly worried about, but I didn’t eat for like a week after my surgery so I figure as long as it’s not coated in sugar and grease then I should be okay. Now I have the one PC I’ve been downloading stuff at lightning speed too, which completely rocks. Tonnes of new music, TV shows and movies to share. 🙂  Singing a lot!  Dinner and movie nights with Kyla and Jesse have been a new addition to my routine too. We trade off every week and it’s just been absolutely fantastic. I’ve been to see a play too, which was wonderful – I miss going to the theatre SO MUCH, and I’m hoping to be going more often in the next couple of months too. Indie night – I hadn’t been dancing in MONTHS and I went to Ready Mix last night and completely danced my heart out. What else… oh yeah, random ice skating, which was definitely fun! Lots of coffee catch-ups with friends, a couple of concerts coming up this week (Three Days Grace, Michael Buble, Floor Thirteen!) oh and I’m going to be taking Tango classes all February too. Very excited!

So yeah, this new year has been a pretty big change for me… but things are going well. And I just feel happy today, and wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who’s been around for the last few weeks. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. 🙂

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