Remember, remember, the fifth of November

Tonight, boys and girls, is Bonfire Night!! And I’m excited that although I don’t have a fireworks display,  I do have 12 sparklers, hot chocolate, and a makeshift “bonfire” thanks to the magic of a little paper Guy Fawkes and a box of matches. Which makes me a very happy girl, because Bonfire Night was always one of my favourite times of year!

Today I just got back from doing the Nygard fashion show, which was great fun – I got my hair and makeup done at Essentique this morning which looked very cool. I had a lunch at the show and went out in 3 different outfits amongst all these tables. Mad rushes backstage to get changed quickly, but they were all lovely people, and I did get 2 tickets to a big show at the Symphony for December!

Now off to watch the new X Factor, and hope that Rose hasn’t taken a crap in my bed again, lol. Ever since she got back from her surgery she’s been thrownig up and crapping anywhere but the litter box, I guess in revenge?! Anyone have any light to shed on this? Anyway, I’ve a fun night ahead and I wish everyone a happy Guy Fawkes Day!

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