New kitty time!!

I was supposed to go to the Humane Society today with Trista to get our kittens fixed, but because the bank’s put a hold on my account until Tuesday I couldn’t go. But then I found out that this weekend was the last day of their “blowout” – they’ve got way too many animals and they need to give them homes or they’re going to euthanise them. Which just makes me so upset – I posted about this a little while ago, but I love them so much I can’t bear to think of them being killed. I hate how people can be so cruel – not to not take them home, but to do the things that get them there in the first place. I remember parents had 2 cats when I was younger, and one of them (Otis) was one of like 4 or 5 cats tied up in a bag and left on a bridge to be thrown into the water. All the rest found homes and nobody wanted poor Smudge but my mum took him in and he was such a wonderful cat – it’s so awful the way people treat animals. How can they be so heartless??

Anyway so I found out this weekend was the last weekend to help rescue these cats cheaply and so I called my mum up, asked her if I could borrow some money and a lift down there to rescue a cat and said yes! We got down there too late to actually be able to take one home today, but I found the most amazing girl cat. Her name now is “Sally” but I think I’ll change it as it was only given to her by the HS and she’s only been there a month so she won’t’ve grown used to it yet. She’s beeeautiful – pure white from head to toe, and the most amazing emerald green eyes. She curled right up in my lap, gave me kisses and purrs and didn’t want to get off!! So I put the deposit on her and if we go back tomorrow at noon, I should be able to bring her home!

I’m so happy, one more cat saved, and a sister for Rose!

Now onto naming again…  this is the hardest part!

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