Praise. (Blush)

I just received the most amazing email from a dear friend. I’m doing some design work for him and last night I sent him a rough idea of what I wanted to do, and today I got this back:

I’m going to start off this letter by assuring you that I will not coddle you artistically or exaggerate my praise to you.

You are incredible. I am really, really impressed. I can’t believe you created that in one day. I LOVE IT! I’m just blown away. I want to show it to everyone. I love the fonts the colors, the style, the layout… You are an artist and a very talented one. I would have no idea of where to start to do what you did so naturally.

I’ll get you some higher res pictures and make a couple small changes and we already have a winner. You should be doing this for big companies and lots of money. Just by showing this off I bet I’m going to get you work.

It seems like this would be a good intro sheet. I could use it as a poster, a postcard, or the first sheet in a packet (that includes a DVD promo, letters of recommendation, etc. )

In short, I feel so lucky that you are helping me on this. Thank you for sharing your talent with me.

This is going to be the best project ever!! 😀

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