Looking for kindness

I am such a girl at times but this is making me really sad.

This week the Humane Society is advertising cats and kittens, with all their ops and shots and everything for $25 because they have something like 500 cats and 100 dogs, and if they don’t find homes for all these cats they put them to sleep.

And I can’t bear to think of poor kittens being killed just because they don’t have homes. I really want to get a second cat to play with Rose – Rose is left by herself all day for like 9 or 10 hours every day, and I bet she’d love someone to play with. And it would save a kitten. Rose is quiet; and cats are allowed – well, “tolerated” – I’ve seen maybe 3 in the building, and I’m only here for another 3 months. I just think it’d be hard to find another apartment with TWO cats… I just feel so awful about the poor cats that don’t get homes… so if anyone wants to help, the Humane Society is only doing this for this week so please go, I’ll feel better if even one kitten gets the home that I can’t give.

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