New beginnings

So on Tuesday I quit Best Buy and got my soul back. Huzzah! The bitchy manager who was giving me shit in the first place just took my resignation letter and smiled and said “okay! thanks!” Unfortunately the general manager was in Calgary so I didn’t get to give it to him in person. I gave no two weeks (so no vacation pay :() but this place wanted me to start right away, and I wanted to leave Best Buy right away, so that worked out nicely. I did myself a favour and took 2 days off in between and I had my first day today at the new place.

Okay. This is brilliant.

1. NO STUPID UNIFORM. On my way home dressed in my heels and black trousers and glasses I felt so much more respectable than before, trying to hide my stupid ugly flat black shoes, beige ankle-swingers and bright blue best buy shirt. So that’s good.

2. I work across from a Tim Horton’s. AND I’M ALLOWED TO TAKE WALKS.

3. I get my own desk, my own business card, and I’m taking over for the OFFICE MANAGER. Holy crap.

4. My boss said I won’t need to spend $10,000 at Red River because I’m going to BECOME a graphic designer there and get all the experience I need.

5. I didn’t wake up at five this morning!

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