Jason Webley

A couple of nights ago, Alex and I went to go see the acclaimed Jason Webley at the King’s Head. I’ve heard a CD of his, and stories of leading crowds with a giant carrot (which I was glad to see made an appearance) to his shows, and performances under bridges at midnight… I had to go. The saddest thing was that both Alex and I had to work very early this morning, so we didn’t get to stay the entire show because a Very Sweaty Man was opening for him, and took an hour to secrete half his body weight in perspiration through song. Not bad song, but that wasn’t the memorable part. But then, after a short break, Jason stepped up, after having taken me down through the pitch black fire exit, earlier, to see the “tomato” he drives around. It was pretty… tomatoey!

All I can say is what an incredible performer! He had a mic on the ground to catch the enormously energetic foot stomping used as percussion, an accordion, and a “sandpaper baritone” voice which sounded far more aged than his youthful face would lead you to believe. I’ve never seen anything like it. Crowd participation was almost voluntary, and I was lucky enough to see some songs performed I’d never heard, as well as “Icarus”, which is such a clever piece of art itself. Some of his songs sound almost Russian in style; Eastern European at the very least, mixed with an infectious drinking-song-style of performance that just leaves you in awe to watch. I wish I could find the lyrics to some of his songs, they’re so intelligent and artistic, I was just amazed. Wow. I wish he came here more often.

Today was a good day at work. But with a bit of a shock:

Rob: “I just got back from New York”
Me: “Oh yeah, my friend was just in New York last week too. She went to see a lot of shows down there”
Rob: “Oh god. I had this $90 ticket to see this broadway show, some musical…”
Rob: “Ohh… Rent. Oh god, I left halfway through. They were just singing EVERYTHING. Like when they’re on the phone. “Hello… I am on the phone now…””
Me: [Jaw drops in horror]
Rob: “It was like, someone PLEASE throw a pie. I even booed during the “moo” part”.

I can’t believe Jenn missed out on tickets to that guy. *Laugh* Anyway, so I’m really enjoying work now. For the first time in my entire life, I really like my job. I know I was whining before, and I do hate customers like that. But customers will always be like that, and they’re the same regardless of where you work. But I’m having such a good time at this place. My co-workers are rapidly becoming friends I hang out with, and we have such a good environment. Everyone’s around the same age, and only COOL people work at Best Buy right!

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