Pastime in good companye

Time for an update, as things have been really… new, lately. Strange word to use, but pretty much the only applicable one in this case, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. As I mentioned before, the Sound and Fury boys are in town (and as I also mentioned, GO SEE CLEOPATRICK AT THE FRINGE), meaning that Shelby and Richard are here staying with me for a week or two. Daniel is out of town, and I seem to be doing just fine. I am so grateful for the company here; living with people while Dan is away is generally a good thing, but living with these lads is… a gift, it really is.

Last night was wonderful. I got to go backstage for their first play of the fringe, and read (and laugh) along with the script as I got ready for rapid costume changes. I can’t wait to actually SEE the play now! Afterwards, spent the evening watching Spider-Man 2 (I’d forgotten just how BEAUTIFUL that movie was!) with Shelby and tea, which was just lovely.

This morning I was taken out to lunch before work, which was unexpected and completely unnecessary!! It was excellent food though, excellent company and made me feel much better. I want to say that right now I feel very lucky to have met these people, and luckier still to call them my friends. It’s unlikely they’ll ever read this, but I feel very grateful and wanted to note it down.

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