I Got Chills (They’re Multiplying)

Just a quick post to acknowledge the beautiful Matt Cardle, the adorable ex-painter/decorator in plaid shirts and worn-out newsboy caps, my pick from the very first auditions, who just won The X Factor! This boy has the most beautiful, haunting voice I’ve ever heard in my life – I seriously got chills all over every time he opened his mouth. A-mazing. Congrats to the best contestant ever – here’s hoping we don’t get another festive civil war and he manages Christmas Number One this Sunday!


  1. Those first two gave me goosebumps! This proves everyone who says reality talent shows are crap wrong. He’s phenomenal.

  2. He means the words he’s saying as he sings them, and it gives the song such emotion… that’s what gives me chills.

    I hope he doesn’t lose that.

    1. I just listened to an interview with him on the radio talking about what direction he’s going to go in now he won X Factor – he was in a rock band (unsigned) before and their stuff was amazing, so I hope he’s allowed to write his own stuff…

  3. It’s funny – I didn’t think he would win – mostly because I tend to sit on the fence with things like this (don’t like being a part of the crowd very much). I thought the young girl that went out straight away was going to walk it based on her Shakespeare’s Sister cover.

    Just shows – track selection counts for everything.

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