I Got Chills (They’re Multiplying)

Just a quick post to acknowledge the beautiful Matt Cardle, the adorable ex-painter/decorator in plaid shirts and worn-out newsboy caps, my pick from the very first auditions, who just won The X Factor! This boy has the most beautiful, haunting voice I’ve ever heard in my life – I seriously got chills all over every time he opened his mouth. A-mazing. Congrats to the best contestant ever – here’s hoping we don’t get another festive civil war and he manages Christmas Number One this Sunday!



    1. I just listened to an interview with him on the radio talking about what direction he’s going to go in now he won X Factor – he was in a rock band (unsigned) before and their stuff was amazing, so I hope he’s allowed to write his own stuff…

  1. It’s funny – I didn’t think he would win – mostly because I tend to sit on the fence with things like this (don’t like being a part of the crowd very much). I thought the young girl that went out straight away was going to walk it based on her Shakespeare’s Sister cover.

    Just shows – track selection counts for everything.

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