No, this isn’t a post about the giant exhibition that’s currently in town. I was seriously intrigued by Bodies when I saw the posters all over everything, and after reading about how incredible it was, I really wanted to check it out – and then I read somewhere that the bodies were actually Chinese torture victims, my moral compass started spinning wildly, and my brain reigned out over my wallet faster than I could make it to the closest Ticketmaster outlet. So no, this is not a post about Bodies. It’s about mine, and all the different stuff that seems to be going on with it lately.

Firstly – let’s talk fitness. I’ve never been a Gym Girl – I think my longest relationship with a gym was when I first started my current job, which happens to be about 5 blocks away from one. I signed up, and probably went a grand total of three times before cancelling the membership (5 months later). The girls there were more made up than I am on New Year’s Eve, everyone seemed to be an expert on every piece of machinery, and, not one to wear my glasses in public at the best of times, I felt like a prize n00b hovering in and squinting over people’s shoulders trying to read the instructions. But on my birthday, I added a whole bunch of “get fit” resolutions to my list, and I must say I think I’m doing okay! In the last few weeks, in full last-minute-wedding-crunch attempts to fit into my (very tightly fitted) dress, I’ve been on the treadmill pretty much every other day. It’s been a great way to spend the evening post-work and pre-dinner – Sweet gets home at about 7:30, which leaves me a couple of hours to get very sweaty, very ugly, and very exhausted, all the while watching shameless guilty-indulgence wedding porn. (Current addiction: Don’t Tell The Bride) Now, in my running endeavours, I have noticed a few things:

1. I don’t think I’ll ever be A Runner. In much the same way in which I get frightfully bored within the first two minutes of sitting in a bubble bath, I get equally as bored stuck on a treadmill. I think I’ve figured out that the more often you glance at the display, the slower time seems to go, but I still can’t keep my eyes off it. I know it’s only been thirty seconds since I last looked, and I’ve probably burned less than half a calorie, but for some reason I keep checking. Which makes it even more long and even more boring.

2. My motivation may have increased tremendously in recent weeks, but it doesn’t mean the same turnaround has affected my endurance. I have the same pattern now as I did six weeks ago: power walk half a lap, run half a lap, power walk half a lap, run half a lap, jump off the belt for a few seconds to gulp down some water, power walk some more, and then sprint really hard to try and shave a few more seconds off the last time it took me to run a mile. ONE MILE. I think I did 1.25 once, and my knees hurt for days afterwards, and I promptly went back to my senior citizen ways and continued running my single mile.  I want to be able to at least do two, or at least RUN the whole mile instead of taking breaks to power walk, but my endurance hasn’t improved at all. I still get exhausted within minutes and the thought of doing it all over again once I hit 4 laps just smacks my hopes and dreams in the face, off the treadmill and onto the floor where I proceed to collapse for a couple of minutes, and then do a few crunches.

3. I’ve decided to sod the back pain, suck it up and just DO abdominal exercises lately. It’s an absolute killer, but I refuse to let it be the reason I gain weight around my middle. Because I’m so small-framed naturally, any weight goes directly to my stomach area and looks horribly bulgey, so I really need to get on this. I’ve been doing 30-40 side crunch things (can you tell I’m not an exercise person?) where you twist into your leg when you sit up after each mile ran. And this is pretty much my exercise routine.

Now, I’m proud I’ve been able to actually stick to this, however beginner, for the first time in my life. But I’ve also noticed absolutely zero change in terms of weight. I fluctuate between 102 and 106 pounds on a daily basis and this has not been affected in the slightest by my exercising. I think maybe that means this is the weight I’m supposed to be at – going any lower would be unhealthy. But I have twelve days (!!) in which I need to stay this exact size to fit into my wedding dress. I’m thrilled it’s finally finished, and hanging from the rafters – but it is very tight on. So much so I couldn’t bend down to put my shoes on at the fitting. I’m still wondering how I’m going to sit for dinner.

Now, I just realised I’d said “First, let’s talk fitness”. I also realise I’ve just taken up a good chunk of your time talking about what a running n00b I am. So, very briefly, I’ve noticed several other things regarding my body lately. Secondly: my skin. It’s so bad that when Sweet asked me for “peanut oil” for a recipe last week, I asked him if he wanted me to blot a sponge all over my face and squeeze it into the pan. I am SHINY AND GROSS, and nothing seems to work at curbing it short of covering my face in clay and drying out every pore (along with the ability to create facial expressions).  I can’t have a decent hairstyle, because any part of hair that falls on my face gets covered in grease which makes me look like Kevin the Teenager. I cleanse, tone and moisturise daily (because apparently NOT moisturising results in even MORE oil being produced), but I’d love to hear from anyone else having this problem well into their twenties what actually works!

Thirdly, I should probably mention my back. Yes, it still hurts. Yes, I still plan on getting a 30-hour cover up tattoo on it. And yes, I am now the proud owner of my very own TENS machine, which has resulted in me being hooked up to a series of electrodes having my muscles zapped into spasm while watching EastEnders after tea. I’d had something similar when I had coverage for was seeing a physiotherapist last year, and I hated every second of it, being left sitting under a chunk of hot clay while my muscles jerked around involuntarily all down my back, but apparently it was therapeutic. And, as much of a wuss as I am, I’m going to keep trying this one. Even if I can only manage it once every other week.

So, in summary, my body seems to be somewhat of a hodge-podge of progress and defiancy these days. But I’m working on it. Any tips on any of the above would be hugely appreciated! 🙂


  1. That machine doesn’t look fun! But I’m glad you’re still working on getting better and I hope something works soon. Good for you for adding exercise to your routine, a mile is better than nothing and I think it’s great you’ve found self-discipline to be able to stick to it. But please don’t lose any weight, you’re beautiful the way you are!

    1. Aww, thanks, I’m just nervous because any bit of weight I do gain goes straight to my middle and my dress is SO fitted I can’t afford even half a pound! Once the wedding is over though I’ll focus less on size and more on just being healthy 🙂

  2. First of all: Congratulations! It isn’t easy being self-motivated and getting yourself to exercise instead of indulging in other, more sedentary pastimes. High five!

    Second: I never considered myself anything beyond a sprinter. That’s what I’ve always been: short burst of speed and I’m done. But, this year- well, actually last month- I challenged myself to change my perceptions of who I think I am. I trained for and ran a 10k in 24 days.

    Now, I wasn’t a fan of running. It seemed so.. boring. But once I learnt what worked for me (music if it’s a really long run that I need something to keep me going, audiobooks if it’s a slower run) it was pretty great. I’ve even learnt to just run and let my brain clear. I think what you’re doing with the power run and the jog is great- it’ll let you build up stamina. If your treadmill has an incline option, I would suggest that rather than getting off- up the incline and lower the speed. This keeps your heart rate up, but will let you catch your breath and give your legs a rest.

    Good luck, dearie! xx

  3. I always find/found running outside is *way* easier than on a treadmill – purely because you have things to look at. I used to run early in the morning, and pound the streets as the delivery lorries arrived at dawn.

    I guess it pretty much depends on how safe your neighborhood is.

  4. And how conducive it is to NOT getting frostbite after 5 minutes, haha – for the next 5-6 months it’s going to be a snowy, icy, bitterly cold form of hell outside (it gets down to -40 at some points!) – so any outside endeavours of avoiding running boredom may have to wait until spring… 🙂

  5. no tips but great job on sticking to your plans and working out regularly. i should really, REALLY do that again, too. of course if i had my wedding coming up i’d probably be more disciplined as well 🙂

  6. I’m sort of an ex-runner. I haven’t run in a year, aside from a couple times in August when it was super nice out, but I’d say the fact you’re so persistent and stick to a schedule makes you a better runner than a lot of people out there. And like R said, music + running = great. You seem like the thinker type like me, so I’m sure if you pair up some music with your running or you let your mind wander, you start thinking about everything except the run. I used to make lists of things I had to do in my head, and by then I’d be halfway through, but that turned out to be a bad habit that only stressed me out. You get the point though. And one last idea? Maybe try running somewhere else besides a treadmill. I know my legs are short and I feel like I’m running twice as hard and it’s twice as boring than if I was 6 ft tall and in seriously great shape.

    1. Haha, I wish I could run outside! But seriously for 6 months of the year, it’s pretty much Arctic out there, with wind chills down to -30 or -40 C – not TOO welcoming to n00b runners 😦 I definitely am the thinker type though – which is probably why I get so distracted watching TV and running at the same time!

  7. I’m a horrible runner too. Also, I slaved away (haha) at the gym for years and years. When I really thought about it though, I realized – I HATE the gym. It feels fake and gross to me – like a germ crockpot. I live in CA so the weather is fairly nice, and I have the advantage of being able to now walk/run outside. I find that running is a lot more difficult when you aren’t on a treadmill, but it’s somewhat more rewarding. Maybe you can try it? Or are you snowed in?

    What I really want to say is this though, you are beautiful Emily. I know you are hard on yourself (we all are) but seriously, I’d kill to have your figure! You are going to make a stunning bride – just remember that!

    1. I am unfortunately snowed in! I remember when I was in California a few years ago, cycling and walking everywhere, and it was just so enjoyable being outside and people-watching I didn’t get bored at all…

      Thanks so so much for the sweet comments 🙂

  8. Keep up the good work girl. I know that I am doing the same thing as you! Although this is what I have started in a way to get me motivated: I started taking Green Tea Extract, CLA as well as my vitamins. I am eating way better, cutting out all sugar (the candy, sweets and unnatural sugar), I have tapped out all bread, nothing to do with that, and i have limited my Salt intake. I have lost 8 lbs in a week and a half. I am also drinking a crap load of water with this, I use the washroom alot but it seems to help in the weight loss. I am taking a zumba class once a week and playing volleyball once a week too. I am going for my 2nd fitting tonight so I am hoping it will be better than the last!
    Keep your chin up! Its almost here! Maybe go check out a good skin care consultant, I am going to go this week.
    Keep me posted!

    1. Awww thanks for commenting and reading Vanessa! 🙂 I am trying to drink a lot of water, too – I’ve taken to buying crates of 24 bottles and just keeping them in my office and I’ll refill one 3-4 times throughout the day, which is a lot for me. Too bad we don’t have a water fountain there!

      Good luck with your fitting! I’ll definitely think about going to a skin care consultant 🙂

  9. If you find a miracle worker for skin problems, let me know. Mine is at it’s absolutely worst. I kind of want to put a paper bag over my head. It’s THAT bad. I went to the dermatologist last week and started a new antibiotic which is supposed to help turns things aruond… It dang well better… I teared up at the doctor’s office, it’s just so awful. 😦

    I can’t stand running on the treadmill. I love to run outdoor but 30 minutes on that beast is about the most I can do before going loco…

    1. Aww, I’m sure it’s not paper bag bad – I’ve seen recent photos of you and you still look gorgeous! I think a dermatologist might be a good step for me though – stuff in the skincare section at Shoppers isn’t doing it at all. Are they expensive though?

    1. Aww, thank you. I’m definitely thinking the same thing – after all the drama of the last few weeks I feel like there’s nothing left TO stress about really! 🙂

  10. I was also going to mention running outside, haha. It’s in the 80’s here so running outside is an option, but probably not for you! When possible, definitely try to take your run outdoors. It’s so much easier and it’s not as boring.

    Then again, running isn’t for everyone and you could also take up something like yoga or Pilates, which are great for building a strong core. There are tons of DVDs to buy for this, if you don’t want to shell out money at a gym or a yoga studio.

    I’m glad you’re blogging about this and striving to do something! That’s the first step!

    1. Thanks! I did actually buy a few DVDs – yoga, and a Jillian Michaels one but I haven’t found any desire at all to try them out – probably because on a treadmill, if I get bored I can stop – but mid “class” on a DVD I’d probably slug it out ’til the end… and hate it even more lol

  11. OH my gosh, you’ve made me so curious about this whole Bodies thing now. I’ve seen this exhibition advertised in my area before too and it has always made me SO curious…but if its really as you say it is then I definitely would not want to see it! Eeep.

    Anyways. So I totally get what you’re saying! This year I have totally changed my attitude towards health/exercise. Since March I’ve been running (mostly) 3 days a week and since July I’ve added on yoga 5-7 times per week. It’s crazy! I’ve never been this fit in my life BUT: it was like at first, I saw a dramatic change in my body, and now it’s at a standstill. I haven’t lost/gained anything since that first couple months when my body adjusted to the new routine. I don’t have my love handles anymore, but I still have a bit of pudge in my tummy that doesn’t want to go anywhere! Hehe. But I think it’s really because this is the weight my body is supposed to be…either that OR, I need to stop eating stuff with flour in it! Haha. I just can’t seem to get away from those carbs, even though I’ve been eating much healthier than I ever have in my life.

    But good luck with your endeavors and fitting into your dress!! I agree, I find treadmills sooo boring! Haha. But when it’s cold outside what can you do? At least you are sticking with it. 😀

    1. Thanks! You are doing INCREDIBLY well!! D went to yoga every day over the summer and absolutely raved about it – too bad it’s so expensive 😦 And having the discipline to run 3 times a week too is amazing! I have the same little “pudge” that doesn’t seem to want to go anywhere… that’s the one thing that’s driving me to all this exercise! I hadn’t thought about cutting flour…

      1. My boyfriend’s parents stopped eating any kind of flour (not even wheat!) and every kind of sugar (nothing with sugar in the ingredients.) They portion everything else, and now they are almost unrecognizable. His mom was from a size 18-20 and is now down between 8-10. How crazy is that??? And she hasn’t even been exercising, just no flour! For bread they eat sprouted wheat stuff like Ezekiel bread or full protein bread that is made from whole grains but is flour free. It is crazy what a difference it makes!

  12. chinese torture victims??? thats terrible! i wouldn’t go either although it would be cool to see bodies in so much detail. can i just say how good you look on the treadmill em even if a little bored lol, i think it’s great your changing up your whole routine like this and sticking to being healthy. sorry you have to go through the back pain still. the machine does not look fun…….

    for your skin try using a balancing toner?? i tried that and it seemed to help me without drying too much………

    1. I am using a toner right now, a Garnier one along with a teen-marketed cleanser and an oil-reducing moisturiser, but I feel the moisturiser just dries out my skin COMPLETELY, too much so that it feels tight and starts flaking 😦

  13. Ok about the oily face…I share this curse with you. I do, in fact, do something that works immensely for me: Milk of Magnesia. I know this sounds very weird, because it is a laxative. But I did some research one day and what really helps me is the salt found in the product. I put it on before foundation, and it soaks up ALL my oil for a VERY long time.

    Now, I don’t want to recommend something that might make you break out. Maybe try it on patch of skin to see how it works? It’s been a lifesaver for me.

    Here’s a you tube video on it:

    There’s also Murad Oil Mattifier, like she mentions in the video. Hope this helps 🙂

      1. Wow, really interesting tips! I don’t want to start breaking out before the wedding but I am DEFINITELY going to try Milk of Magnesia (at least!) in a couple of weeks! Thanks so much for sharing!!

        1. for me, milk of magnesia helped to clear up my skin 🙂 Again, you’re so close to the wedding, I don’t want to suggest something that may not work for you, but I at least can give you my experience 🙂

  14. Finding an exercise routine that works for you is more important than doing what everyone else does.

    As far as the oily skin goes, I would definitely buy a bunch of blotting papers to help keep it at bay. I like the clay-based moisturizer from Garnier when my skin acts up. And then I use MAC’s blotting powder to set my make-up to help keep the shine down.

    1. The clay-based one from Garnier is the one I find dries me out TOO much – uncomfortably so 😦 I’ve never used MAC anything but I’ve heard all sorts of good things, I may have to try that out 🙂

  15. i love blogging and tweeting from the treadmill. during your walk periods, you should try it. distracts you from checking the time and gives you a window to get some other stuff done (reading blogs, balancing checkbooks, whatever :)). i bought this to hold my laptop:, making things so much easier (and safer)

    wish i had some advice on the skin issue, but mine is the exact opposite. it’s always dry 😦

  16. sigh. i just spent 10 minutes on google trying to find a reliable article on the bodies exhibit, and now i feel all gaggy. haha. i’m such a baby.
    i think i’m the opposite of you: i hate running outside, [probably because where i live in canada it’s either always too cold or too wet] but i love treadmills. love them. i’d go on them for fun if i had one. mostly because it’s a guilt-free way to watch hours of tv that you normally couldn’t justify. 🙂

    oh, and can i just say: 102 pounds and you’re trying to lose weight? oh lady. what i wouldn’t give to look like you.

    1. I just wish I weren’t SO small framed – then if I did gain weight it wouldn’t be so horribly noticeable right away!!

      I wish I could learn to see the treadmill as fun… but with Michelle’s suggestion everything might be changing from now on… 🙂

  17. I am with you- I never see a change in weight from exercise- ever. I probably don’t do enough to quite reach that, but I still do it 🙂 It will keep you sane leading up to the wedding anyways. Your dress is going to look amazing!

  18. I don’t have any tips for you because I think we have the same problems in terms of body build and skin. I am naturally small framed too and all the food I eat goes straight to my stomach. And my face gets too oily as well. I haven’t discovered cures for them yet.

    I admire your motivation to do all these! And I know you can do it! You’re gonna look awesome on your wedding day. 12 days!!! Congrats in advance!

  19. I’m a runner, but not indoors. Treadmills are the worst thing ever invented! There’s no point in running if you aren’t getting fresh air and scenery IMO, plus it’s hard on my knees. Go for a run outdoors once summer comes!

    Umm..I’ve always been a greasepit and the only thing that helped was those Body shop powdered blotting papers, and Nivea Young moisturiser (texture wise it was thick, so it moisturised me, but it wasn’t heavy or greasy…almost left me matte.)

    And then my skin dried out all of a sudden, so my problems tend more toward itching and flaking than oiliness 9/10 days.

    1. Hmm… I’ve always steered clear of Nivea because I thought it WOULD be greasy and oily because it is so thick – it may be worth looking into this Young moisturiser. And I love an excuse to buy from the Body Shop – I feel so bad for them now we’ve got Bath & Body Works in Canada 🙂

  20. Hi Emily,

    I know what you mean about the timer. I absolutely hate riding the exercise bike even though I hit the gym twice a week. Time really crawls and my stamina isn’t great since it is so boring running. But what I do to help myself through is to set mini-goals for myself on the bike. I usually try to break a minute down into 30 seconds each so that I will hit a mini-milestone and then go on to the next milestone. This way time passes well enough for me.

    As for your stamina, I have the absolute same problem when it comes to running. I had to be in the army so being able to run 2.4km around 12 mins was the basic requirement. The problem was it was initially hard for me to run 2.4km without stopping at all. What I did was to try to run 2.4 km first without bothering about the time. No matter how long I took, I just persisted. I think it took me around 15 mins. After I managed to run without stopping, then I worked on cutting my time down. If you run 3 times a week so that your body has time to recover, you should improve your stamina gradually. I suggest trying to run x miles without stopping first and then work on cutting down your time.

    That’s my two cents!

    1. Those are some really great ideas! Recently I’ve been trying to push past the mile – I think I’ve got into the habit of feeling like once I hit it, I can stop, and so I just do, but I also have a friend in the army who also has crazy fitness requirements, and quitting isn’t an option – so I’ve been trying to use that as motivation too. I’m definitely going to try out your suggestions, thank you! 🙂

  21. Not a runner so I can’t help you there but I do have LOTS of experience with crappy skin.

    I have gone through many different products and have had varied success with some but right now this is the combo that seems to be working for me.

    Morning: Clinique Liquid facial cleanser for oily skin, Aveeno Positively Radiant daily moisturizer SPF 15.
    Evening: Norwex face cloth – removes makeup and exfoliates using only water!

    Before my wedding I started using Pond’s cold cream (the classic) to wash my face and my skin has never been better! It may seem odd because it’s really thick and greasy but it only has 5 ingredients and worked really well.

    1. I just ordered some Clinique stuff; I’ve heard it’s really good and I had a gift voucher so I got the 3-step skincare routing. I’ve never heard of Norwex – not sure if they sell it here, but I’ll look out for it! And cold cream? (I’ve never understood the name!) I’ll have to give that a go, too 🙂

      1. Norwex is an eco line of cleaning products that is usually sold via home parties. It is actually based in Winnipeg so you could probably find someone local to contact or, if you like, I can give you the email address for my rep.

        Their products aren’t cheap but the money I’m saving by not buying the moistened face wipes is worth it.

  22. Yeah I can’t do the whole running thing either…that with a displaced knee cap=Erin Not WALKING for several days. So me and the treadmill, we had a big breakup. I hope the back pain gets better. I am sure that with all the extra workouts and attention your body is getting, it’ll cooperate on your wedding. You’ll be stunning. I am sure of it. Also, I think your 20s just makes your skin go haywire. I went from being the girl who could wear anything, to having SEVERE skin allergies to anything but Ivory or Dove soap. Weird!

    1. What did you do to your poor knee?? I hope it’s fixed ASAP!! And yeah, I noticed a big difference in my skin in my twenties (not a good one) as well as my hair – it used to be lovely and straight, now it’s a frizzy, curly mess that needs 20 minutes of ironing every day!

  23. Hiya!

    Well while I can only offer moral support about most of these issues I can say that I share your pain when it comes to be back issues… literally. Since the accident I’ve been unable to get back to my gym routine and having a back brace doesn’t help much at all. If not the excruciating pain I get in my back, it’s the constant spasms, jerks and twitches that I get after any attempt to work out that leave me looking like I’ve had my fingers jammed in a plug socket all day.
    I applaud your determination and positive outlook on this subject though and I’m sure it’ll all pay off, you’re going to dazzle at your wedding, dear friend. XxxxX

  24. I love this, you’re exactly like me!! I get SO excited when I run an entire mile, even if it’s super slow. I’m trying (kinda) to train for a 5k, but honestly I don’t even like running. You think maybe we can learn to love it? Eh, worth a try.

  25. first of all… if your knees are hurting after running, you should check your shoes. it may be your shoes doing the damage and not just trying to get in shape.

    second, it does take a while to get from run/walking to just running. whatever you do, don’t increase your mileage more than 10% per week. that’s another really good way to hurt yourself.

    As far as trying to keep your weight down, remember that exercise is only half the battle. i don’t know how you eat, but trimming portions is a good way to keep your weight down. and for a couple weeks, doing that shouldn’t be a problem. and making sure that you eat healthy stuff. again, i don’t really know how you eat, but it’s just an idea.

    i’ve been starting to work out lately, too, and so i hear you. i’m not trying to fit into my wedding dress anymore, but i remember that.

    oh, also, if the treadmill isn’t doing it for you, the elliptical and the bike are GREAT cross training machines. the elliptical should help to alleviate knee pain as well.

    also, the gym time issue – get a towel and put it over the timer. i’m a running purist, so i don’t do tv or music while i’m running, but give that a try too. run for a song or two if you can. or create a 10 minute playlist and run until the end of it. just try things to distract yourself.

    if you do the elliptical, switch directions every 5 minutes. the first 10 minutes kinda drags, but after that, it gets WAY easier.

    anyway… this is a RIDICULOUSLY long comment so i’ll shut up now. but, hopefully SOMETHING i’ve said is helpful. 🙂 good luck on the wedding. can’t wait to see some pics.

    1. A towel over the timer (or a bit of duct tape on my treadmill at home!) is a GREAT idea!! Thank you for such a helpful comment. I have tried trimming portion sizes a little, not snacking when I’m not hungry, and I’m hoping to one day get an elliptical because I’ve heard they’re great for alleviating knee pain 🙂

  26. Tea tree oil is good for oily skin, and so are the moisturisers targeted specifically for it (Clean and Clear oily skin).

    One way I imprived my endurance was not by looking at how far I was running, but how long for. I would do a minute running, a minute walking, a minute running, etc. It would then change to two minutes running, one minute walking and repeat, and even two minutes running and 30 seconds walking. This shows your endurance is improving, and it’s more fun than trying to keep up the motivation for a long distance!

    Vicki x

    PS. The Bodies exhibition was amazing. I’d seen a lot of it (and been able to work on them myself) on my course anyway, but it was good revision. The bodies aren’t of Chinese torture victims, they are of people who have chosen to leave thier bodies to medical science, and believe me it’s a long and lengthy process to be accepted as the family have to agree as well. There wouldn’t be a way for them to just “take” these bodies and use them. It’s all dignified as when they’re done, the parts are all collected (as they have all been labelled) and the bodies are put back together as it were, and there’s a memorial before they are buried. It’s all legit. Go see it and enjoy, it’s fascinating stuff!

  27. I think you look amazing. Also, I think that exercise does not automatically result in weight loss (you have no weight to lose anyway) but it does result in changes in your body. You may not lose pounds (or kilos) but you will lose inches (cm) around your stomach, thighs, etc. (Though that may also be minimal on you considering how slim you already are.)
    I recently stopped taking BC and I think my skin is a lot oilier since then, so I may have to switch to a different skincare regimen. I am not really sure I can give you any advice because I haven’t quite mastered the issue either.

  28. Once I run for a month or so, regularly, I start to love it a little. I’ve never become very good at it and I’ll never be a very fast runner, but I love the way it makes me feel.

    And running a mile is nothing to pooh-pooh at – you’ve got to start somewhere and there A LOT of people who can’t run that far or even close to that far.

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