At the beginning of the month, on top of being slightly lame and asking the Internet how I should celebrate my 25th, I decided I wanted to make a list of goals for the year of 25.  I’ve heard from so many people that 25 was their best year EVER, and I really think this will help make it awesome in terms of challenging myself, trying new things, and continuing a journey of growth. So here’s what I’ve got so far. The 26 Before 26:

  1. Get in crazy good shape. I’ve used my back pain as an excuse for far too long, and I’ve come to the realisation that it’s going to hurt whether I’m exercising or not, so I may as well be doing something good for myself! Right now, I’m running once every two weeks. Not a good plan. Now my evening classes are done, I’m scheduling time for at least 2-3 times a week for running, and getting back on board with strengthening exercises as well. SO I CAN DANCE LIKE TOBIAS.
  2. Start hot yoga. There’s a place ten minutes away from me that I’ve heard rave reviews about, and I’ve talked about trying it (without actually doing it) for six months now. And last night I met up with someone for dinner who absolutely raved about it, goes for two hours every day (intense!!), and offered to be my hot yoga buddy. Apparently it’s life changing! Hopefully as much so just three times per week.
  3. Learn a choreographed dance. Last week I posted videos from this year’s Britain’s Got Talent finals and the incredible precision, strength and creativity of some of those dancers just blew me away. So what if I wasn’t in gymnastics or dance at five years old? I may be 20 years late to the party, but even if it’s just learning Bad Romance off YouTube, I want to dance properly.  Or pop and lock. Yes, I realise the eighties are calling and want their moves back. Yes, I also realise I will need to vlog this. I’m on it. 🙂
  4. Team up with Sweet and cover a really popular song in a totally different style. Bluegrass Radiohead or something, I don’t know. He’s a drummer and has guitars and banjos upstairs, I’m sure we could figure something out! And I can bash a… Tupperware drum? I just think it’d be really fun, and the whole point of covering a song is to do something different with it, right?
  5. Get my driver’s license.  I know this is the only 2010 resolution I haven’t tackled yet, but I still have 6 months left of the year. 4 before the snow comes back. I need to get my arse in gear.
  6. Write non-blog or magazine material. The creative writing class I took this spring really opened my eyes to what I really love to write. Blogging and writing for magazines is all well and good, but I’ve found that I don’t really feel proud of that kind of style when showing it to people. I’ve been working on some fiction over the last couple of months and have found a passion for literature, for creating, for the English language, and for eloquent prose, and I’m feeling totally motivated to keep going. Even if it is a sci-fi story. 🙂
  7. Meet new people.  Pretty self-explanatory, but just taking opportunities to invite people into my life instead of being held back by societal “norms” of keeping to myself. I’m not going to lose anything by trying. This one started last Saturday, when I met my first Internet Stranger (thank you Brittany for checking in throughout to make sure I was safe, LOL), a friend-of-a-friend penpal of sorts I’d been exchanging emails with for the last couple of months. It was a brilliant time, not awkward in the slightest, full of interesting, inspiring, fun and intelligent conversation, and I’m really hoping the beginnings of a new friendship. 🙂 This challenge continues this week , when I meet a bunch of local ‘strangers’ I met on Twitter for a “Creative Show and Tell”. Who are apparently bringing me birthday cake. At the pub!
  8. Do REAL karaoke.  The infamous Wicked! attempt was tough cookies but it went over pretty well, and even if I can’t sing well or reach the high notes it doesn’t mean I don’t LOVE doing it!! This year I won’t be scared to break into song, and I want to gather enough balls to do it in front of real LIVE people. 🙂 Partner in crime, anyone?
  9. Plan meals and cook better. One of the big things I decided in January was that I wanted to cook from scratch more often instead of getting so many takeaways. This proved far more difficult than anticipated and we’ve ended up eating out at least once a week. I want to make it a routine to shop on Sundays, and prepare for a week’s worth of meals, including buying less prepared/easy stuff and switching to healthier options. Including switching my beloved morning porridge to these Green Monsters – started this week, YES that is spinach in a smoothie… but I just feel better starting the day without copious amounts of sugar and carbs.
  10. Speaking of cooking, MAKE ENGLISH FOOD! There’s a local place called The Brit Café that makes brilliant Toad in the Hole, Bangers and Mash, Steak and Kidney Pudding, and of course, Fish and Chips, and I miss it all terribly. I want to make something traditionally English. But maybe once every 6 months, because I don’t want to be a lardarse.
  11. Floss. Self-explanatory.
  12. Stop hating how I look. Short of winning the lottery, I can’t change it. I can’t half the size of my nose or shrink my chin or erase the bags under my eyes. I can’t grow taller and I can’t chop my thighs in half. I can’t make my hair naturally straight and healthy and I can’t in good conscience keep up the “olive skin” look.  I want to be able to look at a picture of myself and NOT have my first thought be of how much I wish I could change. I want to seriously be able to like myself just the way I am. Apply to myself what I try to do with life: that things are the way they are for a reason, and to make the most of the cards I’m dealt.
  13. Get a laptop and become a Starbucks blogger. Or writer. I just want to get out there and do more writing.
  14. Perform something in front of my coworkers.  Around Christmas there’s all sorts of festive events – costume competitions, talent shows, games and cook-offs – last year I was too scared to get up and rock the sing-off. But it’s all in good spirits, and nobody really cares if it’s any good. This year, I’m joining in.
  15. Teach a full class of people without shaking with nervousness and actually be excited about doing it. In the year of 24, I managed to work up to a classroom full of about 8 people, max. I want to be able to do 30 like a proper teacher. In July, I’ll be starting a new position where facilitation makes up fifty percent of my job. For some reason they think I can do it. I just want to thrive on it instead of being scared, and fuel the nerves into enthusiasm, focusing on the fact I’m in a position to relay information that will help people. Which is way more important than fear!
  16. Get (and stay) entirely debt-free.  After the Europe trip in August, the only major expense left is the wedding, for which we’ve been putting money aside for months. Sweet’s parents are helping with the cost of the food (which is an ENORMOUS help, we’re so lucky!!), and with our savings (and DIY stuff), it’ll hopefully not be TOO big a surprise in December. I can’t even imagine having $0 debt, but I’m determined to get and stay that way during 25.
  17. Volunteer somewhere. I haven’t volunteered in two years now and I feel dreadful about it. I’m going to make time for a good cause again.
  18. Go on a blogger meetup. Some of my favourite people in this world live MILES AWAY FROM ME and it’s about time I met them. And thankfully I am marrying the best man in the world, who BOUGHT ME A TICKET TO CHICAGO this September. I get to see Ashley and Brittany, Jen and Phampants . Go on a chocolate tour and visit a secret bar and dress up and have a Glee-off and my first big girly weekend ever.  SO. EXCITED.
  19. See more of the world. Somewhere I’ve never been before. And soak up every last drop.
  20. Go a bit feng shui. Right now my walls are covered in black and white photos from a year or two ago, and oversized framed Doctor Who, Tim Burton and Hives posters.  Sure, I have some “grown up” stuff, too – the Book of Kells hangs proudly in my living room along with a cityscape of the London skyline. But I need more art. Modigliani, this is your year to move from my heart to my bedroom walls.
  21. Finish my tattoo, even if I have to be hypnotised, drugged, hardcore trained or anaesthetised. This thing’s getting finished THIS YEAR.
  22. Forgive. I’ve learned that relationships will only work if two people’s timelines are ready to coincide, and that it’s okay to opt out if clearly the timing isn’t quite right, all the while having faith and leaving the door open. I also realise that by not forgiving people, we waste so much time we’re given on maintaining grudges and harbouring negativity, instead of doing the hard thing, sucking it up, swallowing pride and actually being the one to take the difficult step toward what’s hopefully a better future.
  23. Do something drastic with my hair. After the wedding I have no reason at all to keep abstaining from haircuts and keep it black, so I may very well go for a totally different cut and colour. Hey, I’ve had a pillarbox red pixie cut; nothing can be too drastic! (What’s that, pictures?)
  24. Become more spiritual. I don’t tackle the topic of faith on my blog at all because it’s something I’m still relatively new to, but I’m determined to grow more spiritually this year, and learn all I can about faith and purpose in this world, really figure it out and try to be the best person I can be. Things have happened in the past week that are just BEYOND coincidental and I feel are leading me down the right path, and I’m so excited to explore that this year.
  25. Stop being scared of talking on the phone. I know it sounds ridiculous but I’m more scared of talking on the phone than I am of talking in front of a group of people. Up until now, this has pretty much been my rulebook (you can’t say you don’t agree with at least HALF of those!!), but I’d love to be able to chat on the phone or ring somebody up without worrying that I’m bothering them. Less e-mail time (well, maybe not) and more real conversations. This means phone me up and hold me to it. 🙂
  26. Set up a professional website. (Read: have someone set one up for me.) Right now I’m using a WordPress-hosted site for my graphics and writing portfolios and though it does the trick, it’s hardly the most impressive thing in the world. This will be the year I get a site to match my business cards, and look like a real pro.

This was a tough one to make – but I’m going to ask you lot to keep me on track, and I’ll be sure to share the fun ones when they happen. Can you do me a favour? Take a look at the list I made for 24.  Just a few bullet points about halfway down the page, but this time last year, they seemed impossible. I can’t believe this weekend I will be 25. This year’s flown by and been full of amazing things, in a large part thanks to YOU, and I really hope I can fill this upcoming one with even more adventure. Wish me luck!! Has anyone else made one of these lists? If not, what would you put on yours? Resolutions don’t only have to come in January. 🙂

See you on the other side!


  1. I think that even if you just looked at the physical things that you’re doing this year- all the trips getting rid of your debt and the wedding – this would still be a year that was beyond busy and rewarding. But adding all this onto it? Definitely raises the bar!

    You’re going to have an amazing time tackling all of it, and it’s going to be exciting to see how this year changes you 🙂

    1. I’ve never BEEN so excited! We have to catch up soon. Something amazing happened last night and I feel totally confident all this will be real by this time next year. Yip yip!!

  2. way to go em. seriously you inspire me & i know i’ve said that before but it’s true. i did take a look at last years list and it’s amazing how the goals you’ve set for yourself have become so much bigger, and how much more confident you are. you are an inspiration to anyone trying to break free of fear and i’m going to make me one of these lists now too!


  3. you’re fab! i am dying at the learning a dance because i totally just started learning the all the single ladies dance – i want to know it so bad! if we lived by eachother we could learn it together, move to switzerland!!

  4. Wow, what a list! How lucky you are going to the States !! I have so many blog friends that I’d love to stalk over there.. le sigh. 🙂

    One of my friends linked me to a Bad Romance tutorial on YouTube and it looks tough, but pretty amazing. Imagine being able to whip out the Gaga at a party?

    1. Oh see now THAT would be ballsy! I’d have to get someone to learn it with me so I wouldn’t be solo in breaking it out 🙂 Can you send me the link? Just out of curiosity… 🙂

  5. Happy birthday Emily, you just get a sense of excitement from this post and I know this year will bring great things for you! You have grown so much in the last year it is unbelievable. Best of luck with all your goals and I know you will achieve them. 25 will be a great year for you.
    Love Sandy

  6. That list will definitely keep you busy. But I’m sure you’ll be marking them off one by one and you’ll be able to complete them after some time. I wanna learn how to dance period. I can’t dance at all, not even to save my life.

  7. I resonate so much with these things… talking on the phone, writing non-blog material, meeting new people…getting in better shape…

    I also think you prove that no girl is happy with herself because I think you’re BEAUTIFUL and I was seriously like “Wow, pretty girls like Star Trek too?” Haha. Seriously, though, I think us girls need to get over our self-deprecating views of ourselves. We are all awesome! 🙂

  8. I made a 30 before 30 list (which gives me about 3 and 1/2 years to accomplish it), so I love the birthday list idea!

    I have solutions for you too – for #7 (meet new people) you could just buy a plane ticket to D.C. and we could hang out – that would totally count! 🙂

    Also, I love that you put #12 on there (stop hating how you look) and I can fix that for you right now – I always think you look gorgeous and every time I come to your blog I’m like “oh my gosh she should be a model!”

    Happy early birthday!

    1. I thought about making it 30 before 30 but I tend to do better when I have smaller timelines. I definitely think a trip to DC should be in the works, how awesome would that be? And you are SO sweet – thank you so much 🙂

  9. I’m part of girl weekend? Umm…last time I’m checked, I’m not a girl! =)

    Seriously though, I find it hilarious that I’m always surrounded by wonderful female bloggers. I can’t wait for September!

      1. LOL it STILL feels funny to call you “John”!! And don’t worry I shan’t subject you to Glee offs and nail painting and… dressing up in 50s dresses lol. We can just go for a beer 🙂

  10. I love this list!! I think Summer and New Year’s (for whatever reason) always make people want to get in better shape. I know I’ve been working on my weight-loss for over a year now. Like Kyla and Rachel, I want to make it a lifestyle change and I am so determined.

    Good luck on all of your goals. They seem so fun! Can’t wait to hear all about how you accomplish each of them. 🙂

    1. Thanks! I think the biggest challenge with changing a LIFESTYLE to more of a healthy one is that it’s new and different, and those kinds of things just become habitual with enough willpower, repetition and determination. Best of luck with your goals too!

  11. That’s an awesome list. You’ll be pretty busy this year. But how come you hate how you look? You’re effin’ pretty.

    Have a fab birthday. 🙂

    1. Aw, thanks *blush* I don’t really want to go too much into it but I just want to get from a place where I look in the mirror and automatically think “I wish I could change X, Y, Z” to actually being comfortable the way I look. Thanks for your kind words!! xoxo

  12. This list ROCKS! You are so inspiring, Emily! I have to say I have recently started Bikram Yoga myself and it is absolutely amazing! I feel so cleansed, both mentally and physically after I’m finished. I’ve taken my fiance with me and he’s not as in to it. I’ve also told my mom about it and she says that it sounds awful. But I LOVE IT! I think it depends on your constitution if you’re going to love it or hate it. If you’re a really fiery person to begin with (red face, hot more often than cold, astrological fire sign), I think there’s a chance that Bikram Yoga may be over kill. But I knew intuitively before I even tried it that it was something I needed to incorporate into my life! I’m excited to hear what you think!

    1. I don’t think I’m a fiery person to begin with, I’m always cold and pasty lol!! I’ve just heard from so many people that I NEED to try this, not just for fitness or spirituality but for my back pain and relaxation and MEDITATION too… it sounds amazing. I think I’m going to start next week!

  13. I think it’s great that you have a list! I made a list in college of things I wanted to accomplish in my life, but I haven’t done one on a yearly basis. I like that you list is full of things that will be challenges for you but at the same time seem very do-able. My dad has this great saying, I have no idea where it comes from – “Nothing is impossible, if broken down into manageable segments, stabilized by balance, and purified by belief.” It is something he has reminded me of since I was in high school and it is so true. Every huge task I have undertaken seems way overwhelming until you break it down and just do it little by little, don’t push yourself too much and believe you can do it. You are well on your way just knowing that you have goals set, now you can tackle them!

    I can’t wait for you to come to Chicago! Are you going to the Safehouse? I hope you’ll let me join in on what your doing with your other blog friends, they look like lots of fun and I’d love to meet them myself! I may have Baby in tow…but I’ll for sure be able to sneak away, too! You rock, chica! Hey, maybe you need a motto/mantra for your 25th year! (I had one when I ran the Chicago Marathon and it helped me through all my training and the marathon itself – “I am beautiful, I am strong, I can run a marathon!” I sang it in my head…).

    Good luck!

    1. I LOVE your dad’s quote. It’s so very true. I think ANYTHING can be possible if it’s tackled in small chunks, or, sometimes, if you give yourself a deadline for doing them – being accountable to the clock really is motivating, for me anyway!

      I can’t wait to see you! I don’t know what the Safehouse is lol it sounds kind of like a jail? Haha we will have to do the CHOCOLATE TOUR together!! And feel free to come up with a little mantra or song for me lol I’d love it 🙂

  14. You’re so great – and I love your list (I forgot to make mine…maybe it’ll be done by the weekend?)

    I, too, am terrified of talking on the phone. I hate it, it’s awful and I avoid it like the plague.

  15. Sounds like you’ll have a great, busy year ahead of you! volunteering has been one of my favorite things; I can’t wait until I’m done with school and can get back into it 🙂 And cooking and dancing? Sounds amazing.

    I’d love to win the lottery and finally be at peace with the way I look. When you figure out the secret, let me know!? =)

    1. Oh definitely. Although I have a fear if I won the lottery I would use it to buy cosmetic surgery and ruin my whole goal LOL 🙂 I can’t wait to start volunteering, maybe I can tackle cooking and dancing at the same time, too 🙂

  16. Congratulations on creating some new goals. I look forward to reading about how you start the process of stomping right on through them all. 🙂 I’ve made resolutions in the past, but don’t think I’ve ever done a list similiar to yours (26 before 26, etc). Might be something I ponder on for a future post….

    And no driver’s license?! Wow!! 🙂

    1. I know!! *Hangs head* The worst was when my little BROTHER got his license. I’m sitting here mid-twenties and he got his when he turned 16 I think! /Fail lol

      Would love to hear your ideas for a list of your own!

  17. Such a cool list, sounds well thought out and actually achievable!

    Can’t believe how you manage to make a spinach smoothie actually look delish! And hell yeah to the English food, it needs love after all the bad press it gets *lovingly pats English pucka tucka*

    I’d love to try out the Bikram Yoga thing too, but lack of funds (and knowing where there’s a nearby centre, come to think of it!) is holding me back. Maybe if this summer is as BBQ weathery as they say, it’ll be fine from the comforts of my own living room!

    I know what you mean about being nervous about teaching people. I spose I’m kinda lucky that I’ve been doing it since I was 18…but, honestly, the best thing I learned is being yourself is the biggest factor of getting the students on your side and making it less of a horror. The more human you are, the more emotion you show and the more you laugh off your mistakes or goof ups the freer they’ll feel to do the same. 🙂

    1. I feel the same way – I’ve done a couple of small workshops and I found that being real and genuine really build that rapport quicker than being “the instructor”, so I’m hoping it works out for bigger groups too! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Yoga DVDs too! If I could create a sauna at home I’d be doing hot yoga in my living room too 🙂

  18. Em I’m proud to know you. Something’s happened in your life or you’ve had an epiphany or realization or something because you’ve done so much growth in the last year, more than most people do in their whole lives. You’re an inspiration and someone I’m proud to call my friend!

  19. em! i love this post. i am going to be doing the hot yoga. if you go let me know what you think and i’ll tell you waht i think. my aunt just moved back and she is a yoga instructor. i am so excited because i am going to get freaking good at it. i hope that you get to tackle everything on this list and i know this 25th will be a good one for you.

  20. I love this list! I hope that your year is fabulous and your cross each and every item off your list 🙂
    Happy (almost) birthday, lady! xo

  21. You have compiled a great list! I am sure that you will have many wonderful experiences in your 25th year that will propel you to new heights.

  22. These are really great goals, Emily, and I have total confidence in you that you can achieve every single one during this new year! 25 is going to be life-changing for you! 🙂

  23. LOL oh, pop and locking. I used to do it at raves and now just look like I’m having a seizure. SUPER FUN YA’LL. 😉

    I think your list is spectacular. The first big one you need to move past is how you feel about how you look because, well, you’re a loon. =D And I mean that in the best way possible. You couldn’t model if you were this creepy hagrid looking troll, so JUST. KEEP. REMINDING. YOURSELF. YOU’RE. PRETTY.

    As for hot yoga, my friend Neeka does it like it’s a religion and she ABSOLUTELY loves it. Karaoke is fun, just don’t break your nose like I did? THATS my best tip LOL.

    I’m with you on the cooking forefront. I am, utterly, the worst Italian ever. While family on both sides for us can bust out Italian food from scratch, I can make you.. some pasta. So I should work on that.

    I get this feeling that, even though we’re halfway through the game, 2010 is going to be a big BIG year of self-acceptance and exploration for us and I couldn’t find it more exciting!


    1. I’m slightly afraid of looking more convulsey than street cred worthy LOL but it’s worth a shot 🙂

      “Creepy hagrid looking troll” = best line ever. LOL. It’s such a struggle though because I’ve seen all my flaws for so long it’s hard to let go and see them as something else, but it’s something I’m really going to work on.

      Break your nose? STORY PLEASE

  24. I love your list. Absolutely love it. I want to do something similar around my birthday, because I feel like that’s such a more fitting time to make goals for the next year, rather than on New Year’s. (Although my birthday is in late November, so it’s not really THAT far off. Hehe.)

    I identify with a lot of these and I definitely believe you can achieve all of them. Look how far you’ve come!

  25. High five from another Gemini! (my birthday was Monday)

    25 for me was a crazy year of sweeping change and maturation. I think you’ve got a head start on this compared to when I was there, but I have a feeling the same is going to happen to you.

    I mean, I’m working off the evidence that you’ll BE MARRIED and all, but still, good times ahead. Get stoked!

  26. Oh, Em, I totally love this list… I want to steal some of your goals for myself!

    This sounds like a really good plan – now let’s put it in action! 🙂

  27. Wow, this is a great list! I love the idea of putting together a list like this. It’s good to focus on what you WILL accomplish in the next year.

    In regards to accepting how you look, can I just say that I think you could be model? I think you are so beautiful (please take that in the non-creepiest way possible). But I know the struggle is to convince ourselves of that!

    1. Awwww of course it’s not creepy. It’s really sweet and thank you for being so kind!! It’s such a struggle though to even say “thank you” because when I say “thank you” it’s like I’m ackowledging it as true, and I don’t SEE myself as pretty at all really so I find it really difficult to hear people say that – but I do appreciate it. 🙂

  28. “Learn a choreographed dance.”

    I have been wanting to do this since forever!!! In my dreams, I am Britney Spears. 😉

    You are my hero for mentioning this.

  29. You are just about my most favorite person! I love love love this list. Looks like you have so much to look forward to, and you deserve every single blessing coming your way Miss Emily. And 1) You are beautiful!! 2) I hope we can meet up in the future! 3) Get writing girl!! If you want more creative pieces then throw yourself into them.. I bought a mini netbook and it changed my writing habits for life.. I bring it with me everywhere! And only 300 dollars!


    Hannah Katy

  30. Emily,
    You are so introspective, mindful, and set for a full year ahead of self-discovery. Okay, it’ll be your turn to break out into song at lunch at work one day…lol… And I find it very interesting that you want to talk on the phone. In today’s world we are so caught up with texting and emails, that we sometime forget to talk with people. After all we are humans and we all need that human,personal touch to thrive.

    I wish you the best 25th birthday ever! Reach for the stars!


    1. You’re right, I think you just inspired an idea for a blog post on the face of communication and the way it’s changing US… 🙂

      Thank you for being so kind and I definitely reach high this year 🙂

  31. Wow, that’s an ambitious list. I am not much of a list-making person, at least not when it comes to bigger goals (I do make to do & shopping lists, haha). But it is a great list, really! I hope you have a great birthday!

  32. you already look in shape to me! The green shake thing actually looks good.. It reminds me of avocado shakes. Yum! Definitely try bikram yoga. I miss it! Good luck on your goals. With a pro website, could it still be on wordpress? Looking to get into this type of freelancing work but not sure where to start. Not that I’m even pro.. >_< ..yet.

    1. Avocado shakes?? Avocadoes are one of my favourite things! I had them in pancakes once…. om nom nom!!

      I have a site right now on WordPress (elsewhere) but it doesn’t look super professional. I need to either learn some coding or save up a bit to have someone design something for me 🙂

  33. Sounds like such a fun list to tackle! I really hope you do! Hot yoga sounds very fun. I went to a place that had that class today, even though I was in the room across the hall, it looked super relaxing and invigorating. Best of luck to you!

  34. Nice post!

    And next year…maybe you can come visit me in Turkey (wink, wink).

    You DEF need to get your driver’s license gurrrrrl. I love driving, and you need to feel that thrill!

    1. Especially with the music cranked up! 🙂 I would loooooooooooooove to come visit you in Turkey, it’d be such a dream to go back, and brilliant to meet you!

  35. Wow you are so inspiring!! I love that you have made a list like this, it makes me think it should be something I should look into.

    With the English food one, I used to HATE bangers and mash, and then I met Martin and he makes the BEST, it probably helps that he is a chef, but he makes proper english-style meals and they are honestly my favourite meals now haha!

    Have a SUPER birthday on the weekend!! 🙂

  36. I hope you have the best birthday ever, Emily! I am just loving 25 this year, it’s a good year!! I love your list. I think it’s fun and personal and absolutely doable. You will do awesome, and I think it will encourage and inspire so much growth! Love it! ❤

  37. That would be awesome to be debt-free. I can’t wait until that day comes for me! Anyways, you have some great plans and they all sound reasonable!! That’s amazing that you don’t have your driver’s license…no seriously… that proves that you can do it & we all don’t need to get one immediately when we turn 16!

  38. My birthday was on the 20th, too. Happy Belated Birthday! I love this list. I’m actually working on my own list of things to do this year. But 30 seems like too many, =)

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    1. Haha well funny you mention it now because I attempted Bad Romance for the first time off a YouTube tutorial and I am clearly lacking in the timing and coordination department! Any other suggestions?? 🙂

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  45. This is a fantastic list you’ve got going! It totally inspires me to maybe get a list going for myself of like… 25 before 25 or something. I should probably finish my 101 first, but I just love goals so much, ha!

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