Last week, we’d been blessed with sunny skies and temperatures hovering just slightly below zero (officially coat-free weather!), and I know that spring is in the air.  Unfortunately spring here in Winnipeg means vast amounts of water and brown slush everywhere for several weeks, but with the imminence of warmer horizons I can’t help but feel excited as we move into another season.  As we move forward I have to remind myself to reflect back – those New Year’s Resolutions aren’t going to be maintained if they’re not addressed every once in a while, so today: a quick check in, to make sure my arse remains firmly in gear.

My first was to read a book a month. I know this is a laughably puny goal compared to some of you literary connoisseurs but my heart has always belonged to the written word, and it’s a goal I was determined to keep (if not exceed). I’m happy to say I’m still on track, and last month picked up The Lovely Bones – I refuse to see a movie without first reading its inspiration, and so far, it’s absolutely gripping.

Second – the whole driving thing.  The resulting treachery from daytime melting and nighttime freezing has left even walking a feat not to be undertaken without protection, so it’s still on the backburner for now – but this time in a month or two, I may very well be reporting to you from the driver’s seat.  Or (likelier) from behind my Driver’s Handbook.

Third: Becoming pain-free.  I started seeing a massage therapist earlier in February who had a background in osteopathy (gold!), and have been seeing him weekly since.  Yes, each session involves lots of pain, yelling and tears, but is balanced out nicely with information that actually makes sense – and a weekly dose of nerdiness as we chat about Star Trek and Scandinavian power metal. Definite bonus.  Apparently I have a case of “sacral and pelvic torsion” at the base of my spine, trapping all the nerves on one side and making the entire other side of my back hurt ALL THE TIME. The way he explained it made sense, for once – so I’m going to plough through another few sessions and see how it feels at the end of March.  Fingers crossed (I only have coverage to carry me through until then, anyway!).

Number four: Losing the anxiety.  I taught my biggest group yet in February, and through initially terrified by an almost-full house, relaxed halfway through and found the key to comfort and confidence is to make things funny.  People who don’t really want to be there will relate more easily if you make them laugh, and once you’ve caught them, they’re more likely to retain/be interested in the information.  I’m going to revise my PowerPoints over the next few weeks, learn to relax a bit more, and make people laugh.

I’ve probably said this to you already in an email, but everyone who commented on my “Real Self Portrait” post– you have no idea how much you’ve helped me in addressing that part of my nervousness.  Thank you so much for sharing and for reaching out – I’ve learned recently that other people don’t see or pay attention to the flaws I see in myself.  I’m just retraining my mind to not be so quick to criticise myself and actually give credit to some of the positive things other people say about me.  You’ve helped me so much in my ongoing journey and for that I am truly thankful from the bottom of my heart.

Five! Cooking! Did any of you try the awesome salmon recipe from a few weeks ago?  Recently we’ve made a few more dishes, no exploding noodles this time but a great (simple) lemon pepper shrimp pasta.  We’re going to move on to more adventurous things in the next couple of weeks, I swear, but I’m still learning lots along the way.

And lastly – singing in front of peopleLiLu posted a great guide on how to pwn at karaoke recently, and Sweet and I have been powering through Rock Band on Friday nights and I’m getting more and more comfortable. Maybe I’ll have the guts to vlog it sometime. Or try real karaoke.  But the most important thing is it’s not intimidating me half as much as it used to – I’m almost excited to get back on stage!

So how am I doing? I think this is the first time I’ve really held myself accountable to keeping my annual goals, and it’s a fun process. I’m learning, I’m happier, and I’m growing.  And big thanks to you guys for helping keep me motivated. How are you doing with your resolutions?

And PS: Totally recorded my vlog and answered all your questions last night.  GOODNESS am I awkward on camera!! Will post on Friday… 🙂


  1. You are so on track! I didn’t even make any resolutions this year…maybe it’s not too late. I have so much going on I’m just focusing on getting through things. The previews for Lovely Bones sooooooo freak me out but so many people have said it’s good and now you are too so I might have to actually pick it up! 🙂

    1. It’s not too late! Sometimes I’ll make a monthly resolution if I’m struck with inspiration and don’t want to wait til January 🙂 It’s a REALLY good book so far- but I’m scared to see the movie in case it’s another case of TTW!

  2. Girl, I took MY MOM’S karaoke V-card on Saturday night. She rocked out “Band of Gold” in a seedy dive bar to bachelorette parties and frat douches galore.

    You have no excuse. 😉

  3. Sounds like you’re making great progress! It’s funny how those small steps take you to big places, I can’t wait to see what your resolutions are for next year!

  4. came across your blog from viewing your comment on amber’s blog — and saw that hey – another girl who’s getting married! so i thought i’d click over to see what you’ve been blogging about!

  5. I read The Lovely Bones years ago when it first came out and remember it to be an incredibly powerful book. I’ve kind of steered clear of the movie because of that.

    I think it’s fantastic that you’re keeping yourself accountable to your goals. Isn’t that the whole point? To make goals and work towards achieving them instead of forgetting about them before the weather turns warm!?

    1. Absolutely!! I find that revisiting every month or so really keeps me on track, too. And yeah – I’m probably not going to see the movie. After the Time Traveller’s Wife I vowed never to see a movie adaptation ever again. But I did see Shutter Island this weekend (had no idea it was a book first) and it was TOTALLY awesome, so who knows!

  6. The Lovely Bones… such a haunting book. I have yet to see the movie as I’m worried they’ve mucked it up. You know how that happens…

    Karaoke is slightly terrifying to me, so that fact that you’re doing it even in front of your lovie, makes me envious.

    YAY for cooking! 🙂 I love putting on an apron and playing chef. How abouts I come over to your place and hang?

    PS. I’m totally proud of you for doing all this. xoxo

    1. Awww thanks sweetie. Yes you can come over and hang any time 🙂 And I’m nervous to see the movie too… so rare that literary magic can be captured on screen, I usually leave the cinema rather angry and wanting my two hours back lol

  7. I read the book about two years ago and it made me cry! ISSUES! I keep meaning to go to see the film but I’m waiting for my friend to finish reading the book before we go see the film.

    Does that make sense?!

  8. “Star Trek and Scandinavian power metal”. This brought a tear of joy to my eye. Thought I was the only girl to ever love such things.

  9. That salmon recipe looks delicious… I seriously need to try it.

    I read Lovely Bones several years back and saw the movie too…it definitely held my attention in both

  10. I loved, LOVED The Lovely Bones — and I read it, then watched the movie.. and you’ll enjoy the book FAR more. The end? A little cheestastic for my taste but still a good, good read.

  11. Progress is awesome, and you’re definitely achieving that. Woot, woot! The Lovely Bones was such a great book, but I have less of a desire to see the movie now. I don’t want to “forget” the power of the book.

    1. Exactly! I was SO mad at Time Traveller’s Wife… I’d hate for it to be another case of that. Totally excited to read your book after this, too 🙂

  12. I’m carefully making my way through resolutions, big and small! I’m trying to get through the ones I made for each month, while still looking at thebigger picture. One of my larger ones.. sing on stage..
    Cross your fingers for me doll face.

  13. There is nothing like humor to cut through tension 🙂

    I went to a karaoke bar on saturday and had a blast. I sand Livin’ on a Prayer with a group. I have yet to sing by myself…but I think I could do it!! (even though I can clearly not carry a tune). All in attempt to beat the anxiety monster! Rawwwr!

    1. Absolutely! That sounds like TONNES of fun – Sweet and I always belt that song out WHENEVER we hear it 🙂 I just need to find a group to GO karaoke with and this would all be much easier haha

  14. You are doing fantastic! I should really do an update on my goals so I can see if I’m making any progress, which I don’t think I am. But I need to keep them in mind!

  15. I just stumbled upon your guest post on another site.
    I have enjoyed reading your blog. Goals are fun. Last year one of my goals was to learn to drive. It was hard after so many years of being a passenger to take the wheel but is also very empowering.
    I read The Lovely Bones a few years ago. Good book but I liked Lucky by Alice S. better. However, I am a non-fiction nerd and that figures.
    Good Luck with everything.

    1. Hi, thanks so much for stopping by! It’s reassuring to hear of someone else overcoming the driving fear – I think within a month or two I’ll venture out (eep!!). I’m enjoy TLB lots and I’d like to pick up some of her other stuff – Lucky is a memoir, yes?

  16. I enjoyed The Lovely Bones. Like yourself I wanted to read the book before seeing the movie, then I had no desire to see the movie. =) As for driving in the winter, it sucks! You’re smart to wait until spring makes an appearance. I’m glad that you’re enjoying cooking too!

    1. Thanks! We’ve been slacking a little over the last two weeks just because we’ve been so busy, but this week we have plans for at least two hands-on recipes 🙂

  17. I love knowing that I’m not the only one in their 20s who can’t drive. I’ve just never had to do it. But now that I live in California, it’s pretty much a necessity- so maybe I should get started on that….

  18. Yay! I would say you are making fantastic progress!! I need to up my reading if I am ever going to make my goal, haha. Anyway. I LOVED your real self portrait post. I am glad that it helped you! It’s easy to be continually critical of ourselves, but I think it’s sooo healthy to try to combat that. We are our own best friends, and we should treat ourselves awesomely! 😉 I LOVED “The Lovely Bones”–such an intense novel! One of my favorites from last year. ❤

  19. Well done! That is awesome progress! It’s good to check in with goals like that. I read Lovely Bones years ago and remembered liking it a lot!!

    I’m so glad Spring is on its way! I just really hope we don’t get one last snow storm!!

  20. ah! i couldn’t get to your self portrait post because it was pw protected and i was too shy to ask for it :X

    i am such a lazy bookworm so one book a month would be a lot for me. i used to be in a book club so that helped in reading a book a month but i mostly never finished them.

    i really admire you for facing your fears and teaching people in your job! it’s something i could never think of myself doing because i’d be so uncomfortable! you are an example of just how capable we really are if we put our minds to it.. i am starting a new job next week that involves the phone/cold calling and i’m honestly terrified! and having my doubts as to whether i’ll succeed..

  21. Wow, great progress! The only resolution I stuck to was exercising but I haven’t lost any weight yet. Oh well. 😉

    Sorry for not having been able to comment lately. I was busy with my midterm over the weekend. But I am trying to catch up. 🙂

  22. Ah, you’re doing great. I don’t blame you for holding off on the driving. I can’t imagine learning in weather like that. I have the same reading goal and I am seriously struggling, but I hope to make up ground over Spring Break.

    Looking forward to the vlog!

  23. I still have The Lovely Bones book and haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. I should do that soon!

    Do share the lemon shrimp pasta recipe with us! That sounds yummy. I really want to get into cooking more especially new recipes.

  24. This is the first time I really make resolutions as well and really try to keep my resolutions. It is nice to make yourself accountable for something. It feels like you accomplish something.

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