Needles, hammers, and a pretty big countdown…

After the whirlwind of the holidays, the new year, and struggling to drag myself back into a normal routine of early mornings and pressed trousers, this weekend was relatively low-key.  Friday night brought yummy dinners, drinks and home-karaoke with our recent Rock Band 2 score (which is such fun, it’s surprisingly alleviating any nervousness about singing!) but not before visiting the clinic to get our shots – because in ten days, Sweet and I will be jet-setting off on our first trip alone together, for a WEEK IN THE CARIBBEAN.  We booked this trip back in July, and it’s always felt so far away we hadn’t really thought about it, and what with Christmas we just sort of forgot about it until this week, when it hit us that it was less than a fortnight away.  Clinic Lady tried to sell us all sorts of add-ons – tetanus, measles (in case it didn’t work right the first time round), and special triple-the-price insect repellent, but we settled for our Hep. As and went on our merry way, with sore arms (and sore wallets) for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday was my nan’s 81st birthday, and she is still in hospital after being there just about a month – we’d spoken to her over Christmas, and my dad had managed since to get in touch with a family member she (or I) hadn’t seen in about twenty years.  It turns out she’d had no idea nan was in hospital, and when we rang on Saturday to wish her happy birthday, it turned out she’d gone up for the day to visit, armed with flowers, new clothes, slippers and well-wishes.  You could just hear delight in her voice, and especially once she talked to Sweet, too – she sounded happier than I’d heard her in a long time, and it made me feel so incredibly comforted and reassured that she was in fact doing okay.  Her assessments are this week, so we’ll find out whether she’ll be able to go home or not, and if she’ll be able to get a home care worker to help out – so fingers crossed very tightly indeed.

Sunday was all errands and chores, but fun ones – I decided I resented the fact that I had too many clothes and too little storage space, and the same for books – my current bookcase (which I’ve had for close to ten years, now!) has started buckling at the shelves with all the books squeezed in to every available space, and little piles have started forming elsewhere in the house.  So we went out and bought solutions to both problems, and the evening was spent full of carpentry endeavours.  Exhausting, but entirely rewarding!

And so the week begins – a week full of catching up with loved ones, my first wedding dress fitting (am I allowed to squee yet?), movies (we still haven’t seen Avatar!) and lots of running around at the city’s annual big wedding explosion at the Convention Centre next weekend. I’m sure it’ll all be over before I know it!   Happy Monday, everybody – how was your weekend?


    1. There will be more squeeing in person tomorrow! (As long as Ms. Rude Saleslady of the Year isn’t fitting me, haha). I’m SO happy she’s sounding so much better, too! 🙂

  1. You are most definitely allowed to “squee” for the dress fitting..when will you ever do it again right?

    I hope for great health to your grandma – you’re quite blessed because I never knew mine very well. They were both in the Philippines and one passed away before I could even make memories with her :(.

    A trip? To the Caribbean? That’ll be wonderful!

    Looking forward to reading your future blogs.
    – Judith

    ps. yes we are middle name blog buddies 🙂

    1. Thank you!! Yes my nan basically raised me; my parents married young (20) and had me young (22) so they had to go to work, so my nan looked after me until I was at least 4, and even then she lived across the street my whole life so I was forever round there baking, watching TV with her, learning how to iron, teaching her budgie little tricks… I wish I could go back to England and visit her more often but it’s wonderful to be able to talk on the phone 🙂

      I’ll do lots of squeeing, and I’ll have to show you the pictures on Wednesday!

  2. Um, hell yes you are allowed to squee at your wedding dress fitting, and take pictures! Unless the hubs reads your blog, in which case maybe you shouldn’t because isn’t it bad luck?

    In other news, I don’t think boyfriend will allow me to bring all my books to California which means I will have to rebuild my bookshelf of awesomness. Bummer.

    1. I know, I’m torn!! I *really* want to take pics.. maybe I’ll title it with a big “NO BOYS ALLOWED” title to throw him off because he does read 🙂

      BIG bummer!! Can’t you pack all the books discreetly in random places, so it’s less obvious they’re all coming?? 😦

  3. You have an awesome blog, Emily. Glad that your nan is doing okay. A trip to the Caribbean sounds divine right now. I am so seriously antsy for spring!

    1. Thank you so much!! I’m hoping she can go home and have a worker come maybe in the mornings and evenings to help her with dressing and stuff, and just so she’s not totally alone all day every day. Fingers crossed very tightly indeed 🙂

  4. A trip away to a warm, tropical place sounds heavenly. I am sure it will be a nice break from your bitter Canadian cold. I am glad that your nan sounded much better and hope that she will get to return home soon. My weekend was very quiet, which I really needed. Have a great week Emily.

  5. Anything with even remotely +0 temperatures will be heavenly!! 🙂 Thanks so much – sounds like your weekend was very welcomed; sometimes all I want to do at the end of the week is just spend it quietly, curled up with a good book or something 🙂 Hope you have a great week too.

  6. Squee away over the wedding dress fitting!
    So glad to hear your Gram is doing better. I hope that she gets wonderful news this week and can go home & have a home care taker as well =)

    New bookshelf? I need one (or three!) as well. I just got new ones in September for my birthday and they are already full!

    1. Aww, thanks. It means so much to hear other people sending good thoughts her way 🙂 I have to *finish* assembly first – there was a gorgeous one with 20 square sections but it just screamed “assembly nightmare” more than “you need this in your living room!”

  7. Ahh that’s so exciting that you’re having your first fitting soon! I can’t wait for the day when I get to try on dresses. One day, one day….

  8. I’m excited for dinner and the wedding show this week!
    And you’re not the only ones who haven’t seen Avatar yet, lol. Robbie and I are going after we have dinner this Tuesday :O

  9. This week is going to be great! I’m excited for dinner and the wedding show.
    And don’t worry, you’re not the only ones who have yet to see Avatar. Robbie and I are going this week too!

  10. Aww! How lucky that you are going on a trip to the caribbean!!! That sounds amazing. I hope you have lots of fun and drink lots of pina coladas! 😉

    I really need a new bookcase as well. I have piles of books everywhere! And, how exciting that you’re trying on wedding dresses. That is soooo fun! 😛 Sqee all you want.

    Also: Avatar is magical!

  11. Your first fitting – how freaking exciting! You are going to be such a beautiful bride!

    The Carribean trip is going to be awesome – esp since it’s been freakishly cold here lately!

    Oh, and you should def send me the recipes you referenced in your blog comment today! 🙂

  12. A trip to the Caribbean?!? So jealous!!!!

    My weekend was all about chillin’–I saw Avatar, as you know 🙂

    Wedding dress? huh? that is very exciting. When did he propose?

  13. I think you should squee about the wedding dress AND the trip to the Caribbean! I’ve never experienced either one, so I think I’ll live vicariously through you. 😉 I look forward to hearing all about it!

    And…I’m so happy to hear that your grandma is doing well! I’ll be crossing my fingers for her.

  14. i’m so happy to hear that your nan is doing better. 🙂 keepin her in my prayers for sure.

    and um SQUEEEE! Wedding dress fitting! Hahah. So exciting. I haven’t even started looking for mine just yet. But, I did book our wedding and honeymoon in the caribbean, which seems like light years away in october. I hope it flies. 🙂

  15. wow!


    1- have fun on your trip!
    2- let’s see pictures of the new bookshelves!
    3- SQUEE!!
    4- the boyfriend and i are seeing avatar tonight 🙂

  16. I’m so jealous!! You deserve it though – have a wonderful trip!! This actually motivates me to start planning our “really late” honeymoon trip sometime soon.

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