Indie Kids get Early Christmas Presents

It’s December! And what better way to kick off the holidays than with an awesome, non-retail nightmare soundtrack.  I love mix tapes – and I love all my new bloggy friends – so I thought I’d give you all a little early Christmas present. 


1. No Use for a Name – Fairytale of New York
2. Phantom Planet – Winter Wonderland
3. Death Cab – Baby Please Come Home
4. Manic Street Preachers  – Ghost of Christmas
5. My Chemical Romance – All I Want for Christmas
6. Relient K – Angels We Have Heard on High
7. Bird and the Bee – Carol of the Bells
8. The Hives & Cyndi Lauper – Christmas Duel
9. The Eels – Xmas is Going to the Dogs
10. Fuel – We Three Kings
11. Raveonettes – The Christmas Song
12. Bright Eyes – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
13. The Fray – Happy Christmas (War is Over)
14. Yo La Tengo – It’s Christmas Time
15. Ryan Adams – Hey Parker, It’s Christmas
16. Snow Patrol – When I Get Home for Christmas
17. Sufjan Stevens – Star of Wonder
18. Various – The Christmas Song
19. Band of Horses – The First Song
20. The Dandy Warhols – Every Day Should Be a Holiday

Okay, I promise, no more Christmas posts for at least a week.  Hopefully this’ll keep you company while you decorate the tree, bake cookies, rock out and wrap up for the oncoming snow.  Hope you like it it!

NB: If you enjoy the tunes, please support the artists by purchasing their music 🙂


  1. aw what a great idea!! may have to DL this 🙂 you actually just reminded me that i need to make a mix for someone. haha. thanks for coming to my blog!

  2. OMG! Love it! Tons of songs I didn’t know about! I’m listening to all of them…to see which ones I like!

    Thank you…love the gift 🙂

  3. thanks for sharing! i’ll have to download this tomorrow and listen to it at work to make the days go by faster =) I also had to pat myself on the back for knowing a few of the artists though I can’t say I religiously listen to them. Better than nothing, though, right!?

  4. I love Relient K’s Christmas CD and I love everything Christmas! I am the girl who will listen to it 24/7 from Thanksgiving until Christmas Day and not get sick of it. At all.

    I haven’t heard from some of these songs so I’d love to listen to see some new ones!

  5. Fun! Downloading it now! Great picture/image/icon thing you made, too! I love the sparkles. I can’t wait to see what you do for your wedding!!! 🙂

  6. See, now that’s a good list of holiday songs instead of the ones they have on constant repeat year after year!

    Thanks lady!

  7. WONDERFUL wonderful Christmas mix! I too love the altern Christmas songs, with the acoustic versions and the covers (obviously the former being a subset of the latter) It’s just nice to hear Christmas songs, but not in a form that you have a reasonable expectation to hear 4 times in one day as you go Christmas shopping. Plus you have somehow manage to capture artists whom I have loved but not to the extent of fanaticism that I knew they had Christmas songs. And honestly, MCR with that song? And the Hives teaming up with Cyndi Lauper?! Only for Christmas, eh? 🙂

    May just have to make my own Christmas mix CD now, and a few of your songs may well feature 😛 I won’t deign to even pretend I have more eclectic music taste than you, but I’ll be putting up the Christmas songs that strike my fancy this month on my rather less well-written blog, and you might just find something new if you find some free time to drop by!

    I’ll stop fawning over you now. Many e-hugs and high fives to you!

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