Sometimes I just absolutely hate being a part of this world.  I try and fill my life and as many other people’s as I can with optimism and positivity, but when I see things like this I just about die inside.

I received the email from my PETA subscription, and I can’t even describe how hard it is to read about things like that.  I know animal cruelty goes on in this world.  I know people kick their dogs and tie cats in bags and throw them into the river.  I know chicks get their beaks chopped off so they can squeeze more of them into confined spaces without them pecking each other to death.  The thought of every one of these things breaks my heart and when I saw the article yesterday, I spent most of last night in tears, with my poor boy trying to console me.  

Last week we were driving down a residential street, and we saw what looked like a guy kick and hit his dog.  We couldn’t stop, but if I’d been driving I would have pulled a 180, got out of the car and started screaming at him.  Last night I was this close to booking a flight to Utah, with a mission of punching the asshole doctor condoning these horrors straight in the face.  Try injecting and jamming things into your own kids’ brains.

How can people live with themselves or allow this sort of thing to happen?  I try and do all I can to support people who live in extreme poverty and disease-ridden areas because they don’t have a choice in how they live.  I pick World Vision over United Way because I prefer to do something to help those who have no other choice.  And I feel and advocate for animals for the exact same reason.  It’s not their fault they can’t speak. They need looking after too. 

It’s tough to see the images and read the stories of what’s happening in the world.  Every time I read an email I contemplate hitting the unsubscribe button.  But it fuels my determination to do everything I can to try and put an end to this horror.  I’ve spoken to Sweet, and we’ve decided instead of wedding favours, we’re making donations to World Vision and PETA with little cards informing our guests of our decision, and why.  I’ve already signed up for next year’s 30 Hour Famine and we’ve agreed to rescue another cat from the Humane Society.  Once the snow’s been and gone, I’m going to start volunteering.  I wish I could go climb Kilimanjaro and raise millions for malaria nets, or model in a campaign to stop the fur industry like Christian Serratos.

I just wish I was in a better position in this world to be able to do more.  Sometimes, lots of people in this world really break my heart.


  1. Your wedding favour decision is excellent.

    You’re a sweet, sweet girl, Em. You’re passionate and dedicated and I’m sure you’ll find the perfect way to contribute your talents to these causes.

  2. This stuff is so hard, and ultimately it’s why I’m vegetarian. It’s also why I try to avoid dairy products & leather wherever I can, because the industries are so horrific. If you have trouble with this, it might be worth looking into buying local if you’re not able to go veg (it’s a big deal). There are a lot of farms around Winnipeg that have humanely raised meat & eggs. You can buy free range eggs from safeway, and a lot of the stores have “humanely raised” or certified organic stickers on their meat that ensures the animals are treated humanely through their lives. And Organza, up the street, has a lot of meat that is comparably priced and is all humane. Chin up! =)

    My mom used to have the Peta magazines when I was little and I quickly learned that flipping through them = emotional damage. I have mixed feelings on them, but that they are brave enough to intervene in these situations is big. I don’t know who else would do it if they didn’t.

    You have a very big heart & I’m glad you’re finding causes that line up with it.

  3. I so can’t even look at the article you linked…reading your post was bad enough. It’s so sad. I’ve read two books recently about the child sex slave trade and that’s horrible to me, too. How can things like that going on in our world? I agree, we are only individuals, but every little thing we do hopefully makes some kind of an impact…

  4. I can’t read emails from PETA, the Humane Society or etc without bawling. I’m such an animal person; I say prayers for the animals I see on the side of the road (dead or alive and if they are alive I hope they make it home safely). I’ve been to several weddings where people have done donations in lieu of presents and I think it says a lot about the couple and I’m all for it!

    You have a heart of gold and I too wish that I could do more for my community.

  5. It really is amazing how much bad stuff there is in this world. I just don’t understand how people can treat animals in a harmful way.

  6. You are not alone in your heartbreak. Sometimes I don’t understand the nature of humans, we are more of a curse to other living than a blessing. I wish I could change everything but I realize that we are the ones who makes this life heartbreaking.

    Even as I’m alone to make a change, I want to be that one person to make a step. 🙂

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