Last night I went out with a lovely group to see Jacob Moon, a phenomenal musician I’ve gotten to know over the last few years. A local band “Robbed in Tuxedo” opened the show, with Dandy Warhols covers and a drummer with an amazing what Jenn and I described as “a magic box”, which he hit and smacked and provided a unique kind of percussion. Jacob was on next, and I was eager for my friends and family to be part of what was sure to be a remarkable performance.

I first saw him when he opened for a Steve Bell concert, probably about five or six years ago now. I remember being blown away by his musical talent, by his message and by his modest, genuine and down to earth personality. I signed up to his mailing list, and have been going to his concerts whenever he’s in town ever since. I’ve even been lucky enough to have built a friendship with him thanks to the magic of Facebook and I was excited to share his talent with a group of people I’m very close to. He opened the show with an uplifting, soulful song, “We Will Overcome”, astonishing the audience with his incredibly skilled use of loop technology. The instrument he uses allows him to record a section of music and play it back, giving him the freedom to play additional parts over the “bed” of music he’s created as a base, resulting in a phenomenal live sound I’ve never seen the likes of anywhere else. His timing is impeccable and his voice pitch-perfect. Two of his albums are live recordings, and could easily pass for studio if it weren’t for the applause at the end.

The set flew by and some of my group had to leave shortly after, but I was happy to see them queuing up for CDs and talking of how they wished he’d kept playing the entire night. Whenever I see Jacob Moon, I’m inspired both by his musical and personal excellence to become all that I can be. To see someone blessed with such incredible talent, writing songs about overcoming adversity, living life with grace, searching for something more than the humdrum of everyday life, and using that talent to not only create amazing music, but to be a part of making a positive change in the world, doing work with International Justice Mission, and donating all proceeds from this show to Lifewater, is nothing short of inspirational.

I’ve met some musicians, and I know other musicians, but there’s something interesting in that some of the most talented and gifted people are some of the most modest, down to earth and genuinely nice human beings. Jacob’s compassion for the suffering in our world is overwhelming and I was left touched and inspired to do all I can to help. Local singer Jodi King put on an impressive set following Jacob, and explained how she was heading to Liberia next month, and how these concerts were raising money to build a well and toilet facility in a place called The Forgotten Village where they have absolutely nothing. Watching her and the band perform a song called “I live for you” in front of a video showing the people in Liberia in complete poverty, but still finding positivity and singing in celebration when they installed their 200th water facility was incredibly moving, and Jodi explained how they were going to be there and be a part of building the 300th. After the show I made a donation to the cause and left with a strong sense of wanting to make a positive change in the world. One day I’d like to do something as phenomenal as what these artists are doing right now. I’m glad I got to share in an evening of such compassion, heart and soul.


  1. It’s good to be part of a community that’s connected to see what’s happening outside of their backyard.

    Sounds amazing, I wish I hadn’t been so delirious = (

  2. Thanks for coming to the event Emily…it is amazing to have your support and I love your genuine spirit. Glad you enjoyed the show!
    Love JK

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