Winter: 1, Social Life: 0?

In the last few weeks, my initial waking moment in the mornings has become progressively colder; each day becoming less inviting to step in to than its predecessor.

Winter is coming.

My morning walk to work is turning rapidly from a nice little jaunt, accompanied by summer tunes, iced cappuccinos and open-toed sandals, to daunting trials soon to only be even possible after first arming up in gloves, boots, even snow suits. At least if I wear a balaclava, nobody will know who this fashion disaster actually is.

Winter is coming.  And it’s going to punch me in the face and steal my lunch money.

I was thinking about winter recently after talking to my friend John in Dublin, who somehow manages to jet off to some sunny destination every other month, who is also unimpressed with the imminent coming of winter.  (Living in Winnipeg however, we are fully prepared to take on any “My winter is worse” argument and win hands down.  I wish I could take joy in this victory.)  I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to occupy my time for the next seven months while the city’s social lives are taken prisoner by Arctic temperatures and threats of frozen skin.  Hibernation! I would like nothing more than to crawl up in my apartment surrounded by kitten love and blankets and catch up on a busy summer’s worth of neglected reading.  But clearly this is not going to work.  I’ve spent this year trying to be very social, catching up with old friends, seeing more of my family, and just getting out there in general.  Winter kind of puts a damper on this, and though my Financial Advisor is probably eagerly anticipating the funds I’ll save over the next half a year, it leaves me wondering about the inescapable seasonal shift of my own social life.

Sure I have plans.  Scrapbooking the millions of pictures I took over the year, reading lots of books, pirating movies, baking cookies and really (hold me to this) learning to use my sewing machine. To do actual sewing, and not just attach the front of a dress to the back of a dress making it impossible to put on.  🙂 But I can’t help but think of the lack of actual human beings in this plan.  Thinking of my weeks right now, I usually have it all planned out by Monday night.  I’ll see so and so on Tuesday, have such and such over on Wednesday, go see this or that on Thursday, hang out with David’s family on Friday, and poof, the week’s done.  I’m left feeling content with the contact I have with the lovely people in my life.  But winter brings difficulty in getting to see those people.  No more going to Ready Mix and dancing every Thursday night.  Too cold.  No more popping round friends’ houses for dinner parties or movies or pot lucks.  Too cold.

So I wonder how I’ll be feeling come, say, February.  Will I be feeling sad and lonely and sorry for myself that I haven’t seen anyone for 4 months? Or will I feel a sense of personal accomplishment for the (intended) copious craft projects I plan to undertake to keep myself occupied? If this was a year ago, the answer would be the former. Hands down, with miniature violins in the background.  But this year, I think things are going to be just fine. I’ll have more projects than I’ll know what to do with, and I know a certain Mrs. Kyla will be helping with half of them.  I’ll read the Twilight series that everyone is banging on about and be happy just to be reading regularly again.  I’ll have a spick and span apartment, I’ll hone my baking skills, and have little movie nights indoors.  There’ll be pumpkin carving and Christmas tree decorating, and tonnes of festivities to look forward to.  This year, I have very little worries about winter’s effects on my social life.

But I can’t say the same for my outdoor style.  Next year’s plan most definitely involves a car. 🙂


  1. Haha yes Em I was gonna say – these are the thoughts of one who doens’t have a car. When one owns a car, you can still do many of activities and potlucks and GIRLS nights 😛 It will be a fantastic winter 🙂 Beautiful and filled with laughs. At least this is how I am seeing it.

  2. lol I was reading this going “WHAT?! We’re going to hang out!! What the heck!!” until I saw my name there so I’m glad we’re on the same page!

    And here here Jenn – girls nights, potlucks, Halloween and Christmas parties – we’re going to be all over this winter. Just with more layers!

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