Creepy phone guy

A few days ago I got a random text on my phone saying “How was ur day”. I didn’t recognise the number, but I’ve not long had my phone and definitely don’t have everyone’s numbers, to I wrote back just asking who it was. I got “dc”, followed by “dave. who is this”. I don’t know a Dave C so I ignored it. The next morning, I got another message. “How r u” from the same number. I ignored it again, and then, once again when I got home from work, “how was ur day.” Then the phone calls started – the number appears as Restricted when this person calls me but I can see it when he texts me. I answered – some of my friends show up as restricted when they call, so I wasn’t really thinking too much of it, when the person on the other end said they’d had a text from my number and wanted to know who this was. I asked who I was talking to; he said “Dave, who’s this?” I said “Emily” and said I thought he had the wrong number. He sounded totally creepy and asked me if I’d like to talk anyway; I said no I was busy, and he asked how old I was. At this point I hung up; this was also 11:00 at night and I was going to bed! Then, this morning, at about ten to seven (before my alarm had even gone off) another text woke me up, saying “how r u” from this same guy. I just wrote back asking him to stop calling and texting me, but it’s really starting to bother me. Does anyone know if there’s a way you can block a certain number from contacting your phone?


  1. that is creepy! last year I had this random guy that would text me and ask me random questions– eventually he just stopped. I hope your guy goes away for good.

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