Stock images, personalised

Hi Emily!
I got a phone call from my brother last night. You used his image with his girlfriend from my stock here:

Since he lives over 1,000 miles from home (and his girl) because he’s at school, he wanted me to thank you for him personally on his behalf for creating that picture. He said it moved him very much, and his girlfriend was quite touched as well.

It’s like you’re psychic… You gave them a picture that’s so EXACTLY like what they are going through right now. Every time they get closer, he’s got to go back to school. And he’s in the military, so he can’t just quit and be with her. That’s the short version; I don’t wanna bore you with the longer story.

Suffice it to say, you have done them a great justice with your artwork. And I know it’s important for an artist to know when they’ve really reached someone’s soul. And you have. Thank you!
Your friend,
(Actually, from my brother and his g/f.)


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