My anti-Valentine’s mixtape, inspired by Colin Murray!

1. Keane – Leaving So Soon?
(Don’t look back if I’m a weight around your neck, ‘cause if you don’t need me, I don’t need you)
2. Manic Street Preachers – Your Love Alone Is Not Enough
(No you won’t make a mess of me, for you’re as blind as a man can be)
3. The Coral – Dreaming of You
(Up in my lonely room, when I’m dreaming of you, oh what can I do, I still need you but I don’t want you now)
4. The Fratellis – Whistle for the Choir
(So if you’re lonely, why’d you say you’re not lonely? You’re a silly girl)
5. The Sounds – Don’t Want To Hurt You
(Don’t want to hurt you, try not to fuck with your feelings, it’s just a matter of trust)
6. Dandy Warhols – We Used to be Friends
(A long time ago, we used to be friends, but I haven’t thought of you lately at all, if ever a greeting I send to you, short and sweet to the soul is all I intend)
7. The Bravery – Every Word is Like a Knife in My Ear
(A fool is a devil and a devil’s a fool, with a fork-tongue needle you got us all fooled, a monkey doing tricks and we couldn’t resist, if this isn’t evil then I don’t know what is)
8. The Kooks – You Don’t Love Me
(You kill my heart just to see if I will rise, above your anger and above your lies)
9. The Wombats – Kill The Director
(So with the angst of a teenage band, here’s another song about a gender I will never understand)
10. The Rifles – One Night Stand
(I’m not being mean in fact I’m really quite polite, all I’m trying to say is that you won’t catch her on Mastermind)
11. The Shins – A Comet Appears
(The lonely are such delicate things, the wind from a wasp could blow them into the sea, with stones on their feet, lost to the light and the loving we need)
12. The Hoosiers – The Trick to Life
(The trick to life is not to get too attached to it!)
13. Boy Kill Boy – On My Own
(Keep the wolf from the door, spend some time getting well on your own, we’re better off on our own)
14. Death Cab for Cutie – Your Heart is an Empty Room
(Burn it down ‘til the embers smoke on the ground and start new when your heart is an empty room, with walls of the deepest blue)
15. Franz Ferdinand – You’re the Reason I’m Leaving
(I don’t know you and I don’t want to, you’re so awkward just like me, but I don’t care)
16. Primal Scream – Get Your Rocks Off
(Ain’t no use in praying, that’s the way it’s staying, get your rocks off, get ‘em off downtown)
17. Scissor Sisters – I Don’t Feel Like Dancing
(I don’t feel like dancing, no sir, no dancing today)
18. Supergrass – Alright
(We are young, we are free, we got teeth, nice and clean, see our friends, see the sighs, we’re alright)
19. Pete Yorn – Ever Fallen In Love
(Ever fallen in love with someone you should’nt’ve fallen in love with?)
20. The Police – So Lonely
(All made up and nowhere to go, welcome to this one man show)
21. Idlewild – Love Steals Us From Loneliness
(You said something stupid like ‘love steals us from the loneliness’, happy birthday, are you lonely yet?)
22. The Cure – Boys Don’t Cry
(I try to laugh about it, cover it all up with lies, I try to laugh about it, hiding the tears in my eyes ‘cause boys don’t cry)
23. Nada Surf – Inside of Love
(Making out with people I hardly know or like, can’t believe what I do late at night, I’m on the outside of love, always under or above)

Contrary to above impressions I actually didn’t turn into an emo kid last night crying in a corner. 🙂 I had a good day and I hope everyone else did too. Reflected on how happy I was for such meaningful long term friendships, ate some comfort food, caught up with work, watched the OC and danced around to my awesome mixtape. 🙂

AND while accidentally playing that Shins track while a Hot Chip record was on the radio at the same time, I think I somehow created an awesome mashup! 🙂 Anyone fancy this mix and I’ll upload it 🙂

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