Pre-Surgery and Pre-Christmas

So I figured after over a month it was time to update this thing. The last week has been great – all the stress and worry and issues are all dealt with (huge thanks to my wonderful friends) and everything’s been great since. And I only have next week to work until 2 weeks off after my surgery.

I must admit I’m really nervous about it. I’ve heard from everyone that when you have your tonsils out as an adult it hurts way more and takes longer to heal – the only part I’m worried about is the waking up, ‘cause I remember after I had my appendix out and I first woke up, I freaked because of the pain and the confusion as to where I was. That’s the part I’m dreading. And being stuck at home for 2 weeks straight not even able to talk to anyone. 😦

Still I’m hoping it’ll give me lots of time for reading, and cleaning up the apartment too, which I never have time for!

Saw a few movies recently – Beowulf (twice!) was AMAZING, and I didn’t realise until the second time that it was all CG! So impressive!!

I did a bit of Christmas shopping last night, but the rest I’m going to order online. Felt kind of bad for the amount I put on my Visa (knowing how much I owe!!), but finding the perfect present and knowing how happy it’ll make each person just seems to override that at this time of year. 🙂

Caught up with quite a few people recently – Mike who I used to work with at Best Buy, we went out for coffee and I’m hopefully going to start taking gymnastics with him (he does it to support his martial arts – some Brazilian dance-fighting thing), as soon as my back gets fixed. I went for a massage the other night and the woman confirmed what my chiropractor said – my hips are askew so one leg is “longer” than the other, and therefore all the muscles on one side of my back are twisted. It hurts like hell. All the time. And I can’t afford to go to a physiotherapist even though I’m supposed to to get one of those orthotic things for the shoes… *sigh* Maybe I’ll just suck it up and go to gymnastics. ‘Cause I’m excited to!! I also caught up with Kyla this week too, went out for a lovely sushi supper and she made me a lovely little bag of cookies. It was wonderful and refreshing to be around an old friend I haven’t seen in forever, and hopefully she’s on board to start Warhammering it up with us sometime soon.

What else… oh yeah. I want a website. I’ve been doing so much graphic design recently and I don’t see why I shouldn’t have a website to show some of it off and hopefully get more (personal) business from it. I want to focus on wedding invitations, thank you cards, birthday invites, holiday cards, that sort of thing, but also business cards, brochures, ads… general businessy stuff too. My problem is I know nothing about web design and I don’t have $1000 to pay a company to make one for me. So… any techy friends of mine… if you think you could help me… I’d love you forever…

Anyway that’s about it, I’m off in 2 hours for a nice supper at my dad’s, who I’m really looking forward to seeing. I love my dad. And this weekend… will be full of “practice baking” of Christmas cookies. Anyone want to join me? 🙂

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