Soooooo yesterday I got back from my holiday to Blightey. I had access to one computer while I was out there, which happened to be 15 years old and was now “too old” to update to IE7 and wouldn’t load anything but MySpace, so I just gave up and figured I’d do all the updating when I got home.

The first few days me and my dad spent adjusting to the jet lag and catching up with family and friends, stocking up on British goodies (we bought the ENTIRE store’s stock of Angel Delight, plus lots of Galaxy chocolate, trifle mix and steak and kidney puddings!) and visiting old schools and nearby towns, which was lovely. Stevenage Day was on Sunday which I went to with Jayde, and we got 99s and watched gorillas on bikes, lol. Caught up with Sophie and Sam at a lovely (but insanely expensive!) dinner and then a trip to the pub… oh how I miss pub lunches and having endless choices of them!

Spent a day in London with my dad soon after, visiting everything from Trafalgar Square to the London Eye and Tower Bridge and everything in between. I had new shoes on because mine had broken but they were hurting pretty bad (my toenails are still blue :S) by the end of the afternoon so we came home but still we took loads of pictures and it was a lovely day.

Thursday was my “birthday surprise” – we got up at about 6:30am and my dad took me to the airport – we were going to Paris!! We flew there in about an hour, and we spent the ENTIRE day on the Metro, walking around seeing ALL the sights, the Louvre, Notre Dame cathedral, the Champs-Elysees and of course the Eiffel Tower – the queue for the lift was well massive so I decided to go up the stairs and get fill my exercise quota for the next year. It was pretty amazing to see the view from up there. We got home at almost midnight and just pretty much crashed.

Spent Friday with my old childhood friend Victoria, we’d grown up on the same street together and it was amazing to see her again, we caught up over an amazing pub lunch and then had a shopping trip in the town before watching old videos of our ‘Talent Shows’ we used to put on for the neighbours as kids. How embarrassing!! Here’s hoping she doesn’t keep her promise of uploading them to youtube πŸ™‚

Sunday me and Sophie headed in to London to see the MUSE GIG AT WEMBLEY – oh my god, most amazing thing ever!! The new stadium was incredible, holds 90,000 people and it was probably about 75% full if not more. Biffy Clyro played and were great, then My Chemical Romance, who weren’t as bad as everyone was making out, and then Muse… I can’t even describe how incredible it was to see my favourite band in such an insanely cool show. It was a 2 hour set and there was fireworks, smoke, the stage going up in flames, searchlights off of massive satellite dishes, even air trapeze acrobats flying through the stadium off masssive globe balloons. Now every time I hear a song of theirs I get goosebumps because it was just absolutely incredible.

I miss England terribly… but it’s my birthday tomorrow, so I’ll be seeing you all hopefully on thursday at indie night πŸ™‚ I’m going to upload all the pictures tomorrow because my dad has half of them!

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