Psycho Killer Leaves Resume

So this has been a pretty good week, all in all. After Saturday night I spent Sunday recovering and hanging out with my dad, we went shopping for my mum’s birthday presents and we were going to see Saw III but just competely ran out of time. It was really nice to spend a whole day with my dad, I do love him to bits.

Monday, I had to take Rose to the Humane Society. And I discovered I really DO have the best friends in the entire world. Everyone knows how much fell from the sky that day, and how as a result, everyone forgot how to drive. Ryan came to pick me up from work, go get Rose, and then drive us TWO AND A HALF HOURS to the Humane Society. Seriously, never seen traffic so slow in my life. We could’ve left Manitoba in that time. We were supposed to get her thre by 6:45 but luckily the (rather bitchy) vet was still there at 7:30, made it very clear that she was just leaving, but still took her in. And the next day he went BY HIMSELF after he finished work to pick her up to avoid any delays by picking me up first. What a COMPLETE sweetheart! And Rose is all sore and sleepy and I feel so bad for her… but Chloe is happy she’s back 🙂

Tuesday was Actual Halloween, and it felt so weird because after Halloween weekend it was just strange that it hadn’t actually come yet, but I spent the evening meeting a new friend off of Myspace who I’d been corresponding with for the last few weeks. We both freak out at scary movies so we made spaghetti and watched a “diet” scary movie, Gothika, which was still good. Exchanged mix CDs (which were great!!) and chatted for a bit, it was a good night.

YESTERDAY my Psycho Stalker came back. I was in the middle of laminating something when I heard someone come in the front, and he just left this package on the counter and left. I opened it up… it was made of paper and said “To Miss Emily Wood… Resume Enclosed” on the front, and it contained a picture of him, with a message on the back, and three pieces of notepaper, each saying the same thing on the front and he’d written backwards on the back of each of them so I had to hold them up to a mirror to read them. WHACKO. Anyway, at least this time it’s legible, but sadly that doesn’t mean intelligible!!

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