Back in Winnipeg!

Hello hello!

Didn’t think I’d be back so soon, but cancel all indications to write to me in Ontario this summer, because I’ll be back in Winnipeg where I belong. I’ll be seeing Sean Manson, spending birthdays with people, going to Edmonton, being by Dan’s side another Canada Day, and being generally happy. I came to realise what really mattered while I was away, and yes, it comes down to me being a big suck. I couldn’t stand to be completely isolated with no form of communication for five months. The phone didn’t work, there was no internet, no bus service or transportation of any kind… it was insane. The bugs were bigger and more copious than I’d ever imagined, and everyone around me was a drunk or a pothead. Well, not everyone. But there was nothing to DO out there – so people just got high or wasted and spent nights passed out in front of bonfires. NOT my sort of people – and I didn’t want to become isolated by not joining in in that crap.

The work wasn’t bad though. I had the best boss ever, the funniest false gay Jehovah’s witness chef ever, and some really nice girls in my dorm who made me a lovely goodbye card. Some are from Winnipeg, so we’ll hang out in October.

I missed all my friends, and the thought of missing out on a whole summer with all of you just killed me. I was miserable every day I was there, and it just wasn’t me. So I’m back! Happiness really is more important than money, and I don’t care that I spent a lot to get out there, I’m just happy to be back in Winnipeg.

And speaking of Winnipeg, I got home to find our neighbours digging a hole in the front garden, after having passed a lifesize wooden cross in my garage. We went to investigate… and found a turkey as well.

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