Awesome night of mystery and fun!!

Right. I’m going to write about my WONDERFULLY AMAZING NIGHT last night, because I have to remember EVERY single detail. It was seriously the most fun I’ve had in such a long time… and who cares if it doesn’t matter to anyone reading; it was GREAT.

Dan said he was going to take me out to 3 mystery places last night, and I got all these really confusing clues. Every time I asked a question I got some philosophical crap in return, which was really funny! We left at about 7:30 I guess, and he drove around random streets for a while, before going in to park in Osborne Village. Then he pulled out… and went into another parking spot, because yes we were really going to Osborne. He took me to Buccacino’s – I’d never been there before, but it was reeeally nice! I had the BEST FISH EVER and learned all about the Oregon “Organ” Trail 🙂

After that, he said we had “41 minutes” to get to where we were going next… which was aweird kinda time, so I thought maybe we were going to a movie. He’d said he wanted to see The Ring 2, even though I was WAY too sared, but he drove to Grant Park… pulled into the parking spot… I was all scared and couldn’t believe we were going to see it. And then he pulled out and went back down Grant Avenue. It was almost ten and I said “how long until we have to be there now?” He said 3 minutes… and the only place we were close to was Jenn’s. He pulled up outside her house and said we were picking her up… I was SO CONFUSED because she’d told me how busy she was on Saturday night doing various things… “SHE’S NOT GOING TO BE THERE!” I was yelling, and he was like… “do you think I told her to say that?” At THIS point I thought maybe we were going to the JUNOS, because I knew that’s where Jenn was… I was all set to get out and knock on the door and say “Jenn’s not here, is she? THANK YOU!” – but then he pulled out again and said actually we’re not picking Jenn up at all!! Then we headed down towards Kenaston… I seriously thought we were going to Superstore at this point. “What! They’re open late on Saturday night! And we have no food! … We can get some wasabi peas too…” THIS time though, we went towards Academy, up and down for a while.

“That guy looks like Neil Goodridge!”
“Let’s go back, we have to catch him up! WE HAVE TO!”
“It’s not him, he wouldn’t BE here, WALKING, on his own!”
“We can still catch him up, let’s turn around!”
“But he has a moustache!!”

Finally we parked and he said maybe we could catch him by foot. So we got out… I was still confused… and we actualy ended up at the Uptown Bowling Lanes. He’d booked us a lane for a couple of games… glow bowling!! With Oasis! And funny bowling names 🙂

After that, we headed towards home… and then made a sharp right onto Wellington and looked to be going back towards Osborne Village again. He kept saying “aww crap, I made the wrong turn..” and looping around, and then did it AGAIN… and then pulled into a parking spot backwards. I asked him what he was doing, and he said “I’m going to reverse down the one-way street when there’s no traffic so we don’t have to go around again”, and I started freaking OUT! “That’s WRONG DRIVING DAN!!!” *laugh* At that point he just stopped, parked… and we ended the night in G’s Martini Bar, which was very nice. After a little while there, we came home, and then snuggled off to sleep.

Awesome night! 🙂

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