My first vlog. And almost-attempt at Formspring.

It seems like Formspring briefly took over the world in the last couple of weeks, and – as formerly experienced with Twitter, Facebook and more recently, Gchat – I felt like a total new kid on the technology block.  It’s not that I was scared I wouldn’t know how to use it (seriously, SO thankful I have people who will walk and talk me through it without pointing and laughing at me) – I was scared nobody would have anything to say.  I wasn’t scared I’d get awkward questions I wouldn’t want to answer – I was scared I’d be a total Billy No Mates!

So I figured I’d kill one two three birds with one stone, and write one of these posts. You know, where people just ask you whatever they want to know about you in the comments,  and you take a couple of weeks to compose your perfectly witty responses and reveal your secrets to the world.  Except I said three birds.  VLOGGING.  I haven’t spoken to any of you literally before, and I think I’m ready (quote me around this time next week when I’m spouting “broken camera” excuses).  I don’t have a webcam – so I’ll answer them all in a short little 3 minute (little memory card, sorry!) video for you in a few weeks!

So, what do you want to know? I’ll answer anything. Promise. But you get cookies if you keep it nice and don’t ask me to sing. 🙂