Vibrating gadgets, pronged gloves and egg on my face – who said wedding planning was no fun?

Today, post 6 of 12 goes up in the Weddingbells contest – officially halfway there! This one involved a LOT of mess, and a lot of crazy, but was way too much fun not to write about.  As always, your comments over at Weddingbells would be HUGELY appreciated! 🙂

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with my hair my entire life: it’s frizzy and unruly, and though a straightening iron may mask my hidden identity as Cyndi Lauper, it also contributes to fragile, breakable ends – making my dreams of long, romantic waves for the wedding seemingly unattainable.  I’ve decided on a down-do – I feel far more comfortable with my hair down, plus it’ll cover my back tattoos! But the clock is ticking – I have a matter of months in which to get my hair strong enough to keep growing past my shoulders, and stop breaking off in pieces all over the bathroom sink.

I’ve read up on my options, and after being told extensions may cost between $500 and $1,000 (!), decided the only way to do this is to try everything.


Strategy 1: Get regular trims. I’m one of those people who find it tough believing making it shorter more often will make it longer in the end, and after being mortified with  a “trim” that was far too short last fall, decided against it.  This may work in the long run, but I have a deadline! I’ve opted instead for trying to make it more resilient – no matter how messy things may get…

Strategy 2: Products, supplements, and switching up the routine.  I recently discovered a new addition to the Pantene line, and Beautiful Lengths sounded like just the ticket.  I made the switch a few weeks ago, and also invested in a heat protecting spray to use before straightening – hopefully this will help reduce the damage.  I’m also going to colour less often, and shampoo at night, so I can cut out the blow-dryer. The lovely Stephanie Gray also suggested pre-natal vitamins: Gwyneth Paltrow swears they’re the key to keeping her heavily coloured and styled hair growing long, healthy and strong!

Strategy 3: Focus on the roots, not just the ends. One thing I’ve read frequently is that stimulating the scalp promotes faster hair growth.  I decided to hit eBay and look for a scalp massager, and ended up not only with rubber-pronged shower gloves (you really can find anything on the internet), but also the hilariously named Orgasmatron: no, not a bedroom toy, but a 4-speed, Octopus-shaped head massager, which apparently increases circulation – and promotes hair growth.

Strategy 4: Go grocery shopping.  And then dump it all over my head. Everyone’s heard the stories of home-made hair products, and when I spotted a magazine at the checkout telling me I could “Get Rapunzel-worthy Locks, Fast!” I had to pick it up.  I read through pages of tips on product selection – as well as things you can make at home to get stronger, healthier hair.  Eggs? Check.  Olive oil? Check.  Honey? Check… what did I have to lose? I whipped up a rather unappetizing looking mixture, looked at the model in the magazine, crossed my fingers and proceeded to pour it all over my head.  My first mistake was failing to realise that eggs are kept in the fridge for a reason – and this meant one COLD mixture! After attempting to warm it in the microwave for slightly too long (and ending up with breakfast), I whipped up another batch and tried again.  This was messy business – chunks of yolk in my hair, oil dripping down my neck, and nasty remnants in the sink!  Twenty minutes later, I cleaned myself (and my bathroom) up, and left my hair to air-dry – and as hilarious as the experiment was, I must say my hair was significantly less frizzy.  I don’t know if I have the stomach to keep this up weekly, but it just may be worth trying every month or so!

Have you ever tried anything crazy in planning for your wedding? And do you have any other (slightly less crazy) tips on how to get long, wedding-worthy hair? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  By me – and my kitchen counters.

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