Blog Travels: The Solitary Panda

Image from Lara Fairie

Today, I’ll be guest-posting over at Solitary Panda – Floreta is a wonderful new blog-friend who, in 2010, is going on a soul-searching journey to the Philip­pines, volunteering in the Indian Himalayas for two weeks, as well as spend­ing a week in New Delhi.  While she’s off travelling the world, she’s hosting a guest blog series on the topic of personal development, identity and finding yourself, and today I’m contributing my story of overcoming what seemed like a lifetime of self-doubt, tackling the discrepancy between where I was and where I wanted to be, and taking steps to get to where I am today.  Head on over – her blog’s definitely going to be an exciting one to read this year.   Tell me some of your stories about person growth and soul searching – it’s a topic very close to my heart!

And I’ll be back this weekend – looking forward to catching up with everybody then 🙂


  1. I look forward to checking out your guest post… and to having you back this weekend! I hope that you’re having an amazing time, and I can’t wait to hear about it… and see pictures! 🙂

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