Happy new year

This weekend was possibly one of the best weekends I’ve ever had. I’m adding Friday and Monday to the term “weekend”, because wonderful things started on Friday evening when we got all dressed up to go to a wonderful girl’s high school graduation… took some snapshots, ate a fancy dinner, drank some wine, and danced to Cotton Eyed Joe in an evening dress and heels.

At midnight Sweet rang in my 24th birthday with a BEAUTIFUL card and a poem (!) which brought tears to my eyes. After I woke up a few hours later, my dad phoned me to tell me to get ready for a mystery surprise I’d been trying to figure out all week: it was an hour outside Winnipeg, and it was only going to be confirmed as definitely going ahead on Saturday morning. So I got myself ready and was picked up (following some amazing gifts… Fringe festival here I come!!) and driven out to the middle of nowhere (Google maps named our final destination as “Unknown Road”), where we were picked up by a fellow named Bruce who drove us out to the Gliding Club – I was going to fly a plane!!

A couple of hours later, I’d been taken up by a tow plane, pulled the string to disconnect, and flown over the prairies at 4,500 feet even taking a hand at the controls. It was an incredible view, and I couldn’t have guessed it for the world – an absolutely amazing birthday surprise!!

The evening brought in another suprise – my wonderful boy getting off work five hours early! So we went for a special dinner, came home and got dolled up again for a fun evening with some of my favourite people in the whole world. We had laughs, drinks, an elephant watering can and ended the evening running up and down a back alley waving sparklers in the night sky. I felt truly blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful, thoughtful people, and to have had the best birthday yet.

Father’s Day was spent with my dad – WHO’S DEFINITELY NOT MOVING TO ENGLAND THIS YEAR! He’s slightly sad, but is going to go back in a few years anyway, and I get to keep him for that much longer. 🙂 We had a pub lunch and a matinee movie, and then my mum even came round to wish me a happy birthday. (I haven’t seen her since Christmas, and the last six months haven’t exactly been full of happy family relationships) It wasn’t awkward at all; we talked for about an hour before heading to another family dinner at Sweet’s grandparents, and came home to share the rest of the evening before being separated for four days… four days which can’t pass quickly enough.

I woke up sleepy, and was surprised with a warm cinnamon bun, coffee, and kisses. I arrived at work to the most beautiful bouquet of “I’ll miss you” roses I’ve ever seen in my entire life; cried, and got a lovely card from all my coworkers, and tomorrow I start properly training for my new position.

Right now I’m feeling especially happy, and very, very lucky indeed. I think 24 might just be my lucky number!


  1. I’m glad you’re so happy, miss. There is so much promise in these days, I’m glad you’re basking in it.

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