One year later

Today the foot situation was a little more dire than I’d antitipated yesterday, and after not being able to walk out of the bedroom and reluctantly calling my boss at 6:45 this morning, I’m sat at home, with a morning of British TV behind me, an evening of a brand new book to accompany me, and right now, with a warm cup of Chai, I’m reading back over my old blogs.

This time one year ago, I’d just got back from a trip that changed how I felt about living in Winnipeg forever. This time one year ago, I’d spent nine days and nine hours on a plane back thinking about nothing but how excited I was to see one person, and upon my arrival home, found that person unbelievably felt exactly the same way, and began the most amazing chapter of my life. This time one year ago, I felt rejuvenated, independent, excited and inspired. I’d gone on a trip to a country I’d never been before with someone I hadn’t seen since high school. I’d gone halfway across the Atlantic by myself. I’d seen London again, wonderful, beautiful, full of life London that I love so very much. I’d seen friends I’d kept since I was eleven years old and still had conversations that made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I was just about to start a new relationship with someone I’d felt I was meant to be with since I met him six years ago. I’d got a 36% raise at work just by saying I had an offer elsewhere. Things were going brilliantly.

Re-reading my post from a year ago got me thinking. I’d vowed to myself I was going to take another trip in a year’s time. That being now. Unfortunately, in a year, things happened. I quit that job, found myself unemployed for a month, and took a hefty pay cut. Old anxiety issues surfaces and I found myself slowly becoming more isolated. I still haven’t fixed my back problems and it’s prevented me from doing a lot of activities I’d love to be able to throw myself into. The love of my life is away sixteen hours a day, seven days a week. Things aren’t the way they looked a year ago.

But with the changes came lessons on how I really should be looking at life. Sure, it was tough not having a job, or money for a while. It was really tough. I had an opportunity which I walked out on after three days based solely on moral values, putting me out of work for another month. But in the end I found somewhere that I love to be, an environment of warmth and support, fun and encouragement, and that’s ultimately in place to help other people and change people’s lives. That’s something I think was worth waiting for. I’m still with the love of my life, things are still incredible and I still consider myself blessed for our paths to have crossed again. We’ve got a few days in late August that are going to be just magical and full of adventure, another wonderful Christmas season and a vacation to die for early next year. My recent low points have brought my true friends so close to me, and I’m excited for countless fun times and long conversations with all of them. So things might not be how I imagined a year ago. But it’s been a year of learning and growth, and I can’t wait to put the whole experience into continuing to do just that.

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