Un-Girl Gets Girls

Girlfriends were always something I was jealous of growing up. I was kind of an awkward kid with a boy’s haircut who liked playing video games and climbing trees, and much preferred throwing myself down a hill with a bunch of lads to see who’d roll the furthest to sitting in playing with Barbies. I didn’t have my first kiss until I was about fifteen, and I ran home afterwards and thoroughly washed my mouth out with excessive amounts of toothpaste and mouthwash. I never really thought I was girly enough to have proper girlfriends, you know, the set group of girls who have sleepovers and pillow fights and paint each others nails and go out for weekly cocktails with, and this was a thought I carried with me throughout high school and into university.

I saw them around me. Girls who’d been friends since they were two hours old, sleeping in parallel cribs in the maternity ward and wearing matching blankets they’d kept for the last twenty or so years. Girls who I’d befriend and then marvel as the conversation eternally returned to the memories of their youth, something I’d never been a part of as I was, well, in another country. I tried to get along with them… but I was just never comfortable, never really felt I “fit in”. I was far more comfortable hanging out with my geeky guy friends in IB who made bad jokes and played World of Warcraft. So by second year university I decided I just wasn’t cut out for girlfriends. Until now.

This past weekend I went to Kyla’s hen night – not the typical do of strippers and penis shaped paraphernalia, but a small and intimate gathering of friends and family at her mum’s house with wonderful food and drink, followed by a trip in a stretch limo to Seven Eleven (!) and then stopping at the party room in a karaoke bar on Corydon. Her sister had organised the whole evening perfectly but very unfortunately got extremely sick and couldn’t even come out with us. But it was perfect. I was hanging out, singing Blondie and the Backstreet Boys with a group of wonderfully fun people, including a couple of the best friends I’ve ever had, and having the best time ever. It was a perfect evening, and we wrapped it up close to midnight, full of wine and song, and said our goodbyes. I had a nice chat with Vicki afterwards, who, in the spirit of the bachelorette, made a nice prediction about my potential future marital situation, which I must admit left me with a big smile on my face.

The celebrations continued last night as Vicki and myself went out on a lovely little “date” to celebrate our 6 month anniversary. I find it impossible to believe I’ve only known this girl six months. We’ve shared so many highs and lows, seen each other sick and without make up, been more open and honest than I know I’ve ever been with anyone, straightened our hair, jumped around to awesome songs, thrown grapes at each other, supported each other through various not-so-great decisions, and just been awesome. And recently Kyla, Jenn, Lindsay and myself have been making a valiant effort to organise regular “girl nights” of catching up, tea and cake. I finally have girls in my life. Girls I really love to pieces. And I really like it 🙂


  1. Hay Emily,

    You’ve always had those girls in your life, just the problem is England is pretty far away for a sleep over. I’ve never thought of you as a geek, or boyish, but always girly.

    You can always reminisce with me, if ever you need that, do you remember when we are 11? Speaking of which do you remember you putting on that cornish farmer voice and trying to get a car insurance company to insure your sheep?

    Ahhhhhhhhhh those we the days……….it still makes me laugh!


    Jayde x

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