Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out)

So, interesting story. Last night I had to do my ‘challenge’ for Facebook’s Next Top Model and the theme was “50’s Modern – Bringing the 50’s to 2008”. I was struggling a bit on my own so dear Ian with his abundance of awesome photography equipment offered to help me out. I had a cool outfit thanks to Nicole and we set up a scene with all the lights and everything, which took like 2 hours… and by the time we were JUST about to start shooting… bam. The power goes out. Complete with sad little fizzling-out noise too, just to rub it in. So I thought we’d just blown the fuse (we did have 2 power extension cords plugged in to one outlet using pretty much all the plug sockets on each one) so we grabbed a candle and went through the rest of the fuses (honestly I think more than the photoshoot was 50’s themed, whose apartment block doesn’t have a breaker switch??) screwing them all in sequentially and NO DICE. So we decided to hide all evidence it could’ve been us and pack up all the equipment, head off on a (by now) 1:00 am 7-11 run to try and replace the fuses, and get back to work. Again NO DICE.

Sev doesn’t have any, and not only had we blown my fuses, not only had we blown the entire APARTMENT BLOCK which was completely pitch black when we opened the door, but we go outside and the ENTIRE pretty much what I thought was a 4-5 block radius of Corydon and Harrow was now The Void. An endless pit of darkness and despair. The pharma plus across the street was out, all streetlights were out, and I’m thinking, holy crap we blew half of Winnipeg trying to get a good photo. And we didn’t even get one! So we moved the set to Ian’s, made a little set which ended up totally rocking anyway and then I got home (thankfully the images of a picketing riot complete with torches outside my window didn’t materialise) to a creepy dark building and had to get myself off to bed by candlelight. TOTALLY horror movie and TOTALLY scary. Yeah, I’ve got kind of used to living alone recently but MAN I definitely wanted a roommate last night. It’d be nice to have solely for the purpose of avoiding midnight zombie attacks when the power’s gone out. I woke up this morning and it was obviously still dark, wanted a shower… then I realised I had no power to dry my hair… went to put my makeup on… realised I couldn’t SEE so I debated calling in to work with the “I can’t come in until the sun comes up” excuse but decided to just grab my oatmeal and some milk, a hair straightener and head in to work early to leech off their power for a morning. *Sigh*

Still, made for a good story 🙂 I still don’t know if it was us that blew the grid but if you, like poor Marty & Catherine found yourselves without power this morning, I WHOLEHEARTEDLY apologise and hope in no way that this will affect your voting for me this week. 🙂