The Human Face

So, I got a job at Ipsos. Hahaha. We’ll see how long that lasts – seems really easy, and I like a bit of a challenge. We’ll see how I deal with sitting there repeating myself all night long and not going insane. I just had a call from somewhere else I’d rather work, asking me to come for an interview, and an email from the bridal shop I applied at too. THAT would be wonderful. Still, this’ll pay the bills, it’ll pay the rent, it’s immediate, and I get to pick my shifts. Huzzah!

I just read Cary’s paper, “Token Economies in a Call Center: Motivating People to Excel at the Freakishly Unnatural”. I think you should read it too. (

Today, I had an excellent morning. I went out for coffee and had a lovely chat with Dan. I also had a great Social Psych class – new unit on Interpersonal Attraction. Got to see a bit of the BBC’s The Human Face, which I was just DRAWN to. Granted, it wasn’t exactly the most scientific look at the way beauty is evaluated and assigned to people, but it was very compelling and very very interesting. I think I might have to buy the whole four hours. One thing it got me thinking about was the way models are treated. There was one scene, showing a guy describing why this girl’s face was considered so attractive, and it was basically due to the combination of “adult” beauty features, such as a well shaped nose and high, defined cheekbones, and “baby” features, considered beautiful in infants, like big eyes and plump lips. What was more interesting was not what was considered beautiful, but her reaction to being told all this. “Thank you”. I know, what else are you supposed to say when someone tells you you’re beautiful? But why are you thanking them? It’s not like you’ve done anything; you’re either born with it or you’re not. And the praise and compliments showered on people that are considered beautiful just seems a little… much. Why let people believe they’ve accomplished something in being beautiful? They have absolutely NO control over it. But then again, telling someone they’re beautiful makes them feel good. I just don’t like the way beauty is… admired, sometimes more so than things that actually ARE controllable, real achievements that are so more deserving of praise than a pretty face.

I’m looking forward to this unit very much.

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